What Are These Strange, Beautiful Clouds Over Tunisia?

A gorgeous picture of a sunset painting brilliant colors over dramatic spirals in a wavy deck of clouds is making the rounds on social media this afternoon. The picture—purportedly taken in Tunisia—is so spectacular that it almost looks photoshopped. Here's an explanation for how these incredible clouds formed. » 12/18/14 1:00am 12/18/14 1:00am

In Tunisia, people actually live in the abandoned set of The Phantom…

In The Phantom Menace, the Tatooine settlement of Mos Espa was where Anakin Skywalker — the immaculate antichrist of the Star Wars universe — built C-3PO and practiced his force lightning on stray womp rats. But in real life, the Mon Espa set — which is 40 kilometers from Tozeur, Tunisia, — is the home to folks who… » 7/03/12 4:50pm 7/03/12 4:50pm