In Honor Of Lunar New Year, Here's An Underwater Lion Dance

Happy Year of the Sheep! Here's something you don't see every day: divers performing a Chinese lion dance ... underwater. With a big ol' reptilian buddy providing some verrrry slow backup moves. » 2/21/15 10:50am 2/21/15 10:50am

The Weird Reason Why So Many Turtles Are Delaying Flights at JFK

Remember when dozens of mating turtles shut down a whole runaway at JFK International Airport in 2009? It was only the start of a turtle invasion that has vexed travelers and perplexed biologists for years. But we may have figured out why turtles are all over the tarmac, and it has to do with raccoons. » 7/07/14 5:40pm 7/07/14 5:40pm

Why Do Some Turtles Have the Option To Breathe Through Their Anuses?

Nature has a juvenile sense of humor. That, at first, seems like the only explanation for why certain turtles, among them the Australian Fitzroy river turtle and the North American eastern painted turtle, breathe through the back end. Both turtles can breathe through their mouths if they so chose. » 6/17/14 7:20am 6/17/14 7:20am

This Amputee Turtle's Prosthetic Fins Are Modeled On Fighter Jet Wings

What do an injured turtle and an F-22 Raptor warplane have in common? In this case, they glide thanks to a very similar wing design. » 5/27/14 10:51am 5/27/14 10:51am

This robot turtle is actually a marine archaeologist

Taking cues from nature, engineers have built a number of different robots designed after animal counterparts, everything from cheetahs, to snakes to fish. Now, meet U-CAT, the robot sea turtle. Its job: To plunge into the ocean depths and unlock the secrets of various shipwrecks. » 11/27/13 1:20pm 11/27/13 1:20pm

Amazonian butterflies and bees drink the tears of turtles

It sounds poetic, but it's apparently true: in the Amazon, bees and, more often, butterflies, flap around the heads of turtles to drink their salty, salty tears. It's truly a sight to behold. » 9/15/13 9:30am 9/15/13 9:30am

How Unborn Turtles Choose To Become Male or Female

While in their eggs, turtle embryos move around to find the perfect spot that's not too hot, not too cold, but just right. And because temperature determines what sex unborn turtles become, the embryos might be able to "choose" their own sex by staying in cooler or warmer areas of the egg, according to a new study. » 6/12/13 3:20pm 6/12/13 3:20pm

This simple piece of technology could help save sea turtles

One of the biggest problems for endangered sea turtles off the coast of Mexico is that they get tangled in fishing nets. But a group of conservationists has figured out a simple way to warn the turtles away from the nets, just by using water-activated LEDs. » 5/09/13 12:03pm 5/09/13 12:03pm

Watch the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme reenacted with ordinary…

While we await the Michael Bay-produced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie with no small amount of anxiety, here's a take on TMNT that's sure to delight fans of the 1980s cartoon. Teenage Average Normal Turtles wouldn't make a half-bad webseries, although I'd try to keep these pet turtles away from rhinos and warthogs. » 4/06/13 10:30am 4/06/13 10:30am

This Chinese turtle urinates through its mouth

The Chinese soft-shelled turtle looks like someone glued the snout of a pig onto the face of a fish, with the texture of a scrotum for good measure. But its bizarre appearance pales in comparison to an even more bizarre, and newly discovered, habit: it urinates through its mouth. » 10/11/12 7:05am 10/11/12 7:05am

The Terrifying Sex Organs of Male Turtles

Of the many unlikeable and inaccurate stereotypes maintained about animals in popular consciousness, among the most frustrating is what I term "old man turtle". This is the idea that turtles (by which I mean, all members of Testudines) are like decrepit, weak, bony little old men housed inside a box. It's not fair,… » 6/20/12 8:25am 6/20/12 8:25am

There is now a medical-insurance code for being struck by a turtle

Let's say you're in a car accident and you break your leg. If you go to the hospital, your doctors will consult a list of around 18,000 alphanumeric medical-insurance codes that they can use to describe your injuries in bills that they send to insurers. » 9/15/11 7:40am 9/15/11 7:40am

The Best- and Worst-Dressed Dinosaurs

Just because your species is extinct doesn't mean your dress sense has to be, too. Dinosaurs can be dapper too! And let's be honest, if you're going to bother putting clothes on a dinosaur, they ought to be stylish. » 5/05/11 2:01pm 5/05/11 2:01pm

Jason Howard

It took a few dozen people, including Special Forces soldiers, to…

This massive turtle, weighing 440 pounds, was pulled out of Hanoi's Ho Hoan Kiem, or Lake of the Returned Sword, by a few dozen people, including Special Forces soldiers, using three nets. » 4/04/11 2:23pm 4/04/11 2:23pm

The incredible journeys of leatherback turtles

Due to advancements in satellite tracking, the incredible migratory routes of the leatherback turtle have finally been mapped in detail — including a straight 7,563km (4,699 mile) trip from Africa to South America. » 1/04/11 4:00pm 1/04/11 4:00pm

Is This The New Rebooted Face Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

Looks like the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie is going in the rebooted Batman Begins direction. Because these rumored prototype turtle-heads really do look like the end result of rolling a turtle around in a can of ooze. » 4/27/10 7:00am 4/27/10 7:00am

CG Ninja Turtle Series Heads To Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon has bought up all our pizza loving mutated turtle ninjas. Which means the CG series will come back, along with the major motion feature set to release in 2012. Good news for turtle fans. [Variety] » 10/21/09 1:42pm 10/21/09 1:42pm