All The Reasons Why This True-Crime TV Movie Became A Cult Classic

Made-for-TV movie Helter Skelter aired in 1976, two years after the book it's based on was released, and seven years after the Manson Family murders it depicts were committed. Over time, it's become a cult classic among true crime fans, and it holds up amazingly well today. Here's why. » 3/09/15 12:25pm 3/09/15 12:25pm

Sharknado 2 Teaser Is Even More Ridiculous Than The Original

We didn't think it was possible, but Sharknado 2 has really raised the whole "sharks in tornados" aspect for the follow-up movie. This teaser trailer for the sequel really sets the bar high when it comes to hitting people with sharks falling out of the sky. » 6/05/14 3:21pm 6/05/14 3:21pm

Watch the TV movie that Nickelodeon banned for being too scary

On October 28, 2000 Nickelodeon aired the TV movie Cry Baby Lane. But after a large collection of parents complained that the movie was far too graphic, the network pulled the movie, never to be aired again. And now you can see it for yourself! » 8/15/11 6:30am 8/15/11 6:30am

Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston joins the cast of Batman: Year One

The animated adaptation of Frank Miller's comic Batman: Year One has an impressive voice cast. From Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston to Eliza Dushku and Katee Sackhoff, this could be one of the coolest animated voice casts yet. » 4/20/11 2:04pm 4/20/11 2:04pm

Salma Hayek is planning an 8-hour Wicked miniseries

Interesting news about the musical sensation from somewhere over the rainbow. Wicked, the novel and hit musical, is not getting turned into a movie. Instead it's going to get its own miniseries from Salma Hayek. » 1/10/11 8:00am 1/10/11 8:00am

First footage from Syfy's 4-hour Peter Pan prequel miniseries Neverland

From the mind of the miniseries master Nick Willing (who directed Syfy's Tin Man and Alice) comes a Peter Pan prequel, starring Rhys Ifans, Anna Friel and Bob Hoskins (who's reprising his role as Smee)! Watch the first footage! » 1/06/11 2:30pm 1/06/11 2:30pm

Felicia Day on werewolf hunting and her new role on Eureka

We talked werewolf slaying with this year's modern-day Red Riding Hood, Felicia Day. Plus she revealed a tiny bit more about her recurring Eureka character, Dr. Holly Marten. » 10/29/10 4:30pm 10/29/10 4:30pm

Felicia Day, what big werewolf hunting guns you have!

Check out the latest trailer for the Syfy TV movie Red: Werewolf Hunter, starring Felicia Day. Watch as Day karate kicks werewolves, and uses a giant harpoon gun, in her role as the modern-day Red Riding Hood. » 10/19/10 1:31pm 10/19/10 1:31pm

Syfy readies a 4-hour Peter Pan origins tale, Neverland

Syfy is bringing you the backstory to Peter Pan in a four-hour miniseries called Neverland. We're not so sure how to feel about this one. We like who's involved, but the last few Syfy miniseries have been Riverworld-level bad. » 9/03/10 12:30pm 9/03/10 12:30pm

Even The Star Of Syfy's Phantom Thinks His Outfit Looks Stupid

Syfy's new Phantom trailer is out, debuting a younger and sassier Phantom than ever before. He's such a "rule breaker" that he even makes fun of the purple Phantom unitard. But can his keen fashion sense save this TV movie? » 4/23/10 8:00am 4/23/10 8:00am

Roger Corman Justifies Sharktopus' Awesome Existence With "Logic"

Sharktopus versus Dinoshark: Who would win? You asked, we answered. We interviewed B-movie legend Roger Corman about his upcoming features Dinoshark and Sharktopus. Find out how big, how long, and how many mouths these beasts have. » 3/03/10 5:30pm 3/03/10 5:30pm

Syfy's Alice Was Saved By A Hatter

Earlier this week we posted a spoiler free review of Syfy v10_medium" alt="Syfy's Alice Was Saved By A Hatter" title="Syfy's Alice Was Saved By A Hatter" />Alice In Wonderland remake. The miniseries has come and gone with mixed reviews, but we're curious to see what you thought. Spoilers below. » 12/08/09 2:50pm 12/08/09 2:50pm

SyFy's "Alice" - Warning: May Contain Your Next British Obsession

This weekend Syfy is taking a trip through a very modern looking glass, complete with romance, casinos and lots of fighting. So is this Wonderland worth revisiting? Check out our spoiler free Alice review. » 12/03/09 3:18pm 12/03/09 3:18pm

Steven Spielberg To Bring Stephen King's Dome Horror To Life

Last week we learned that Stephen King's brand new book Under The Dome, about a town sealed off from the rest of the world, is getting a miniseries. Now Steven Spielberg has stepped in to make sure it's a success. » 11/20/09 9:00am 11/20/09 9:00am

Just How Uncut And Uncensored Will BSG's Final Cylon Revelation Be?

The Edward James Olmos directed film, Battlestar Galactica: The Plan, is gearing up for a release and we've got all the details. The 112-minute feature has all new Cylon-on-human action, plus never-before-seen BSG behind the scenes features. » 10/09/09 9:00am 10/09/09 9:00am

New Trailer For BSG's "The Plan" Explains Exactly What That Plan Was

Remember the Cylons' much-vaunted plan on Battlestar Galactica? Turns out it was "sheer elegance in its simplicity," as the Middleman would say. A new trailer for the last-chance-to-retcon-everything TV movie "The Plan" finally spells out just what that plan was. » 6/19/09 5:30pm 6/19/09 5:30pm

Udo Kier's Sexy Apocalyptic Sexy Webcam Show Of Sexiness

That Udo Kier is such a webcam slut. For $5.99 a minute, he'll get on cam and tell you about any apocalypse you want: solar flares, global warming... and then he'll take his glasses off. » 5/12/09 6:46pm 5/12/09 6:46pm

Best "Posse Up And Kill The Werewolf" Scene Ever!

This werewolf-hunting scene has everything: the overzealous mayor, the cross-eyed lunatic, the growling sheriff, and the local landed-gentry lady who can't understand why everyone holds her brother's lyncathropy against him. » 3/14/09 1:16am 3/14/09 1:16am

BSG TV Movie Will Be The Man Show

More details have come out about the first (and maybe only) Battlestar Galactica TV movie, which may air as soon as this fall. The good news is, it'll be written by Buffy/Firefly scribe Jane Espenson, who just scored a hit with the BSG episode "The Hub." The bad news is, it'll be directed by BSG star Edward James… » 7/01/08 12:00pm 7/01/08 12:00pm

Won't Somebody Rescue This Kid From Earth?

Teenage uberdork Mike Pillsbury manages to MacGyver his satellite dish into an interstellar communications relay so he can ask aliens to rescue him from Earth in this demented scene from 1999 TV movie Can Of Worms. Everything about this scene is awesome: the weird science, the breathless speechifying, and the burning… » 1/04/08 11:20am 1/04/08 11:20am