The Continuum season premiere answers all your most urgent questions

At long last, time-traveling cop show Continuum is coming back — and the first episode launches with a bang. Check out a 10-minute sneak peek, and then read on for our absolutely spoiler-free impressions. » 3/14/14 1:21pm 3/14/14 1:21pm

Three reasons to watch The River tonight, and one reason not to

Produced by Steven Spielberg, and created by Paranormal Activity writer/director Oren Peli, new TV series The River boasts some pretty great credentials out of the gate. But can one-hit-wonder Peli, whose movie we loved, really handle a weekly horror series? We've seen the two-hour premiere of the show, which airs… » 2/07/12 2:52pm 2/07/12 2:52pm

Syfy's Monday Night Lineup: Pretty Darn Solid

Syfy comes back strong this Monday, with a block of new programming designed to get your attention. There are new episodes of Syfy's two most successful shows, Eureka and Warehouse 13, plus a 90-minute pilot of Alphas, a new series. » 7/08/11 2:16pm 7/08/11 2:16pm

With Sunday's episode, The Gates turns the corner

We've had an advance look at Sunday's episode of ABC's The Gates, and it's a major turning point for the series. The show goes in a much darker direction, and the characters actually start to grab our interest. » 7/16/10 2:30pm 7/16/10 2:30pm

Pirate Strippers, Auto-Erotic Asphyxiation And Pure Creepiness On Ashes…

Here's the creepiest scene from tonight's new episode of Ashes To Ashes, the BBC's sequel to the cult time-traveling cop drama Life On Mars. With its second season, Ashes finally starts to show glimmers of Mars' brilliance. » 5/11/10 5:42pm 5/11/10 5:42pm

Riverworld: Where You Can Fuck Mark Twain If You Want To

Who knew there was this much raunch in Syfy's adaptation of Philip José Farmer's Riverworld books? Tahmoh Penikett is naked/in bondage, while another character practices Kama Sutra on Mark Twain's steamboat. This weekend's Riverworld promises to be quite the experience. » 4/16/10 2:56pm 4/16/10 2:56pm