Must Watch: 12 Monkeys' Amazing Coke-Fueled Himalayan Mummy Dance Party

Even apart from its many other delights, Syfy's decision to make a TV series of 12 Monkeys will have been worth it just for this weird-ass scene where businessmen wheel out a thousand-year-old frozen corpse in a Japanese nightclub. Now THAT's a party! Watch for yourself. » 3/30/15 4:15pm Today 4:15pm

It Turns Out Phil Isn't The Most Conniving Person On Last Man On Earth

Phil has spent the last few episodes of The Last Man on Earth as a pretty ineffective schemer, trying to apply sitcom logic to get his way. But it turns out that someone else is much better at manipulating post-apocalyptic life to get what they want — and even get it from Phil. » 3/30/15 11:40am Today 11:40am

On The Walking Dead, Rick Saves Alexandria, But At What Cost?

The Walking Dead wrapped up its generally excellent fifth season with an extra-long, 90-minute special finale last night. But not only did it not feel bloated, but it culminated in one of the show's greatest final acts ever — but did Rick save Alexandria, or destroy it? » 3/30/15 8:20am Today 8:20am

An Overly Convoluted Con Turns To Murder on Grimm: Double Date

On Friday's Grimm, an ill conceived con gets the attention of Nick, Hank and Wu when a mark turns up dead. Meanwhile, Juliette is still dealing with her reveal to Nick, and things are a changing for Adalind and the Royal Family in Portland. Spoilers after the break. » 3/30/15 2:04am Yesterday 2:04am

Archer Gang Gets "Dr. Shrinkered" On What Could Be Their Last Mission

Archer's sixth season is almost over, with the first of a two-part finale seeing the blundering super spies and assorted hangers-on being miniaturized and injected into a comatose scientist. "Drastic Voyage: Part One" (blorp!) mixes high-stakes danger with goofy references ... a classic Archer recipe for success. » 3/27/15 2:35pm Friday 2:35pm

Why The Hell Doesn't Person Of Interest Have An Emmy Yet?

Michael Emerson already has an Emmy for his performance on LOST, but he really deserves one for Person of Interest. Last night's episode, "Skip," was an hour of incredible drama, exploring the twisted relationship between Root and Harold Finch. I lost count of how many times I yelled at the screen. Spoilers ahead... » 3/25/15 5:30pm Wednesday 5:30pm

iZombie's Villain Is Disarmingly Charming For A Dead Guy

We loved iZombie's pilot, and praise be to the sassy dramedy gods, the second episode was just as good as the first. Mainly thanks to the charm of newly introduced villain David Anders. » 3/25/15 5:22pm Wednesday 5:22pm

​The Flash Goes Back In Time To Try To Make Last Week's Episode Better

In last week's recap of The Flash, I said "Out of Time" was an average episode with a thrillingly exciting core. Since the Flash ran back in time and "Rogue Time" begins more or less at the same point, Barry has a chance to do the episode over. The result? Now it's a great episode with an infuriating core. » 3/25/15 10:40am Wednesday 10:40am

Agents of SHIELD Is Full Of Shattered Identities And Torn Relationships

Last night's episode of Agents of SHIELD delved a lot deeper into one of the main themes of season two: People who have lost themselves, or had their identities wrecked, and the absolutely terrible relationships they find themselves in. And it turns out dealing with people who aren't true to themselves carries a high… » 3/25/15 8:30am Wednesday 8:30am

Did 12 Monkeys Just Explain How Changing The Past Works?

Last Friday's episode of 12 Monkeys took a lot of audacious, dark risks. And it added to our sense that this show is piling on the mythos, in good ways and bad. There are now several extra layers of mystery and foreshadowing on top of what we already knew. But most importantly... did someone explain time travel? » 3/23/15 4:58pm 3/23/15 4:58pm

Last Man On Earth Solves Its Pesky Incest Problem

Phil and Carol have spent the last couple episodes of The Last Man on Earth trying to procreate so they can save the human race — but does that mean their kids will have to have kids with each other? Phil comes up with a plan to spread out the gene pool, but naturally, it doesn't go the way he hopes. » 3/23/15 11:40am 3/23/15 11:40am

Crazy Rick Returns With A Vengeance On The Walking Dead

Things are tense in Alexandria. There's only one person who can keep the group and the Alexandrians from turning on each other, and that's Rick Grimes. Which makes it problematic that Rick Grimes is missing, and Crazy Rick — last seen making imaginary phone calls to Ghost Lori — has taken his place. » 3/23/15 8:00am 3/23/15 8:00am

The Last Tale of Peter Rabbit on Grimm: Bad Luck

Friday's Grimm picked up right where the fall finale left off, in Nick and Juliette's living room. And while this episode wasn't quite as exciting for our main characters as the past few have been, we do get some more answers on what's been going on, and Monroe and Rosalee get to help with the case of the week,… » 3/22/15 4:22pm 3/22/15 4:22pm

Everyone Finally Starts Getting Stuff Done On Sailor Moon Crystal

Although I've enjoyed the past few episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal a lot more than anything from the show's first half, it would be hard to acknowledge that anything has really actively been done by the dwindling Sailor Senshi. But not this week: It's time to get things done! Sort of. » 3/21/15 9:00am 3/21/15 9:00am

All I Want To Do With My Life Is Watch Stefan-Caroline YouTube Videos

I was going to recap last night's episode of Vampire Diaries, but instead all I want to do (with my weekend, pretty much) is watch all of the Stefan-Caroline clips on Youtube. Of which there are a lot. Turns out Stefan and Caroline are even more fun when they're both remorseless monsters. YAY! » 3/20/15 4:10pm 3/20/15 4:10pm

Archer Goes To Wales To Work On Romance, Make No-Vowels Jokes

Kind of an odd episode, no? Lana and Archer take a trip to Wales in "Achub Y Morfilod," which was penned with the input of guest actor Matthew Rhys (who plays a spy on another FX show, The Americans). It's not the romantic getaway Archer envisions ... but thanks to the usual "idiot Archer shit," it's his own damn… » 3/20/15 2:00pm 3/20/15 2:00pm

On Supernatural, Sam And Dean's Main Critic Becomes Their  #1 Fan

The character of Cole had a lot of potential on Supernatural: someone with a reason to hate Dean (who killed Cole's father.) Someone who hadn't drunk the hunter Kool-Aid. He could have provided an interesting critique of the Winchesters — but as of last night's episode, Cole is totally on the Sam-and-Dean fan… » 3/19/15 5:30pm 3/19/15 5:30pm

Arrow Showcases Every Character's Hidden Talent

Everyone who watched the Arrow episode a few weeks ago knows what the title of this episode, "The Offer," means. And we know what the answer will be. So the rest of the episode was just about serving up a steaming cup of crazy, using each character's particular talents in that area. Spoilers ahead... » 3/19/15 10:30am 3/19/15 10:30am

iZombie Is So Good It Makes Us Mad At Other TV Shows

The wonderfully bananas series about a zombie medical examiner, who also solves crime, is infectiously charming. It's maddeningly charming. The pilot of this series should be tranquilized, tagged, and studied for its charm. Yeah, we really liked iZombie. » 3/18/15 2:35pm 3/18/15 2:35pm

"SHIELD Hasn't Changed": The Most Depressing Agents of SHIELD Yet?

Since the very first episode involving Mike Peterson, the big question on Marvel's Agents of SHIELD has been, "How do you handle people with potentially destructive powers?" And last night's episode, "One Of Us," suggests that SHIELD's answer to that question was... not great. » 3/18/15 8:30am 3/18/15 8:30am