On Gotham, a Show Ostensibly About Batman, a Bunch of Killer Monks Invaded an Erotic Massage Parlor

This is not a joke. It’s not a metaphor. This is me not obliquely trying to tell you how ridiculous this show is. This is something that actually occurred on last night’s episode of Gotham, and I can’t think of anything that better conveys the show’s total insanity that simply stating what happened. »Yesterday 11:02am11/24/15 11:02am

That Was Definitely the Strangest Episode of The Leftovers Ever

When last we saw Kevin Garvey, he was twitching in poison-induced death spasms, shortly before Virgil, the man who pledged to revive him, shot himself in the head. But Virgil’s grandson, Michael, appeared to assist—and this week, Michael’s only line of dialogue sums up the episode rather well: “Holy shit.” »Monday 7:30pm11/23/15 7:30pm

The Space Subplot on The Last Man On Earth is Setting Up Something Big

No matter what happens with the crew back on terra firma on The Last Man on Earth, I find the scenes up in space more fascinating. This week, for only the second time this season, Jason Sudeikis made an appearance as astronaut Mike Miller, Tandy’s brother—and even a mention of Mike totally changes everything. »Monday 2:20pm11/23/15 2:20pm

Mistaken Identities and Monkeys are the Backbone of Elementary This Week

It’s a night of mistaken identity, estranged fathers, a return to police service, and overly-convoluted doppelgängered murder mysteries for this week’s Elementary. But more importantly, it’s a story on the reappearance of Sherlock’s turtle Clyde, and of adorably fluffy monkeys tragically not-seen. »Friday 9:00pm11/20/15 9:00pm

Agents of SHIELD Is at the Top of its Game, and That's Amazing to Watch

One thing that keeps occurring to me while watching Agents of SHIELD lately: This show is pretty much 100 percent serialized now, with huge elements of soap opera as well as ongoing plot strands. There’s zero “monster of the week” stuff. That’s been true for a long time, but lately the show is doing this incredibly… »11/18/15 7:15pm11/18/15 7:15pm

On The Flash, Barry’s Worst Enemy Is Himself, But Also a Giant Telepathic Gorilla

“YO. GRODD.” yelled Joe West breathlessly, after he ran into STAR Lans to let Barry Allen and out other heroes know that the giant evil telepathic gorilla that menaced them last season had returned. It was all he needed to say. Really, it’s all I need to say for this recap: Yo. Grodd. »11/18/15 11:00am11/18/15 11:00am

Supergirl Is Straight-Up a Show about Women Tearing Each Other Down

When Supergirl isn’t about competing with the absentee Superman (whose dreamlike cameos represent a vision of heroism that is so iconic, it can only be seen via abstraction, or synecdoche), it seems to be a show about women who show affection by criticizing and belittling each other. And weirdly, the show makes this… »11/17/15 7:21pm11/17/15 7:21pm