If Isaac Asimov Were Alive, Humans Would Be His Favorite TV Show

What does it really mean to be alive? It’s a question asked by about a million scifi stories. The new TV series Humans is only the latest, but it does so with such indebtedness to the works of Isaac Asimov I’m kind of surprised everyone in the cast isn’t sporting the author’s trademark muttonchops. » 6/29/15 12:45pm Monday 12:45pm

The Pursuit of Vengeance Drives Dr. Lecter's Angrier Victims on Hannibal

We all mourned the news that Hannibal was cancelled by NBC. But while we eagerly await more from Bryan Fuller (who suggested a second life may be in store), we still have several episodes left of what’s been a delicious third season thus far. And last night’s “Aperitivo” did not disappoint. » 6/26/15 8:00pm Friday 8:00pm

If You Like Intense Techno-Thrillers, You Need to Be Watching Mr. Robot

Imagine a show that combines the anti-corporate craziness of Fight Club with the subversive hacker heroism of The Matrix. Add some great acting, and a fascinating conspiracy that’s unfolding in the hazy realm between our dystopian nightmares and hard reality. That’s Mr. Robot, which debuted last night on USA. » 6/25/15 7:40pm Thursday 7:40pm

Strange & Norrell's Italian Adventure Goes A Bit Off The Deep End

Many fans of the book expected Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell to skip, or greatly condense, Strange’s escapades in Venice—but instead the show gave us a whole episode dealing with the consequences of Strange’s madness. Unfortunately, it also tried to do a lot of finale setup, and it made the episode a bit of a mess. » 6/22/15 2:55pm 6/22/15 2:55pm

True Detective Returns With A Pitch-Black Shot Of California Noir

True Detective returns with a completely new setting, cast, and case, as well as a grittier, bleaker tone. In episode one, “The Western Book of the Dead,” we miss the loopy Rust Cohle, as well as the first season’s instantly compelling murder mystery. But we’re intrigued by its neo-noir sprawl so far. » 6/22/15 8:00am 6/22/15 8:00am

On Hannibal, Dr. Lecter's Murky Past Is Even Darker Than We Realized

WHO’S HUNGRY? Seriously, after “Secondo,” I may never eat anything but peanut butter sandwiches for the rest of my life. While Hannibal cooks his way though Italy, Will travels to his dearest frenemy’s ancestral home, and another season two survivor shows his face. Spoilers await! » 6/19/15 7:30pm 6/19/15 7:30pm