The Strain Introduces the Show’s Biggest Badass and Then Instantly Takes Him Away 

First of all, let me apologize for the lack of last week’s recap. I had to travel very early on Monday morning to NYC for io9/Gawker shenanigans, and was unable to watch last week’s episode, which is a shame, because it was definitely the highlight of the season. Rather than ignore it, I figure I’d give recaps of both… » 8/31/15 1:40pm Yesterday 1:40pm

Hannibal Bids a Gorgeously Gory Farewell That Offers Few Surprises, But Plenty of Satisfaction

The dreaded moment has arrived: Hannibal as we know it is no more. At its heart, the show’s always been about the complex (to put it mildly) relationship between Will and Hannibal; necessarily, the finale digs deep into TV’s most fraught twosome ... along with serving up buckets of stomach-roiling gore. » 8/31/15 1:20pm Yesterday 1:20pm

Last Night’s Falling Skies Finale Actually Depressed The Hell Out of Me

The human race is doomed. That’s what I take away from the final episode of Falling Skies, in which the human race is saved in such a slapdash and unconvincing manner, you sense that everyone concerned felt as though humanity actually deserves to perish. God, this show. What the hell happened? » 8/31/15 10:05am Yesterday 10:05am

Fear the Walking Dead Shows a Flicker of Life, But Still Disappoints

The second episode of a new series is crucial in establishing the show’s identity. It’s the first real episode, in a way, and a good one is usually a great sign. For Fear the Walking Dead, episode two is definitely an improvement over the pilot, but improvement doesn’t mean it’s great. » 8/31/15 8:00am Yesterday 8:00am

Birds Are Way More Lethal Than Bullets on This Week's Zoo

After last week’s rat-pocalypse, the team gets back to facing enemies of a more human sort: the villainous puppet masters at Reiden Global and the vengeful FBI. But this wouldn’t be Zoo without some animal insanity, and the episode’s title, “Murmuration,” offers a big ol’ hint to keep watching the skies. » 8/26/15 1:40pm 8/26/15 1:40pm

What's With the Gorilla, Masters of Sex?

After a decade of working on their own–as a team, but without a lot of input from other scientists–Masters and Johnson’s research is starting to have growing pains. The problem? They may be the experts on human sexual response, but that doesn’t make them experts in anything else. And if you want to expand a study in… » 8/24/15 11:50am 8/24/15 11:50am

Its Finale Time For Killjoys, And Everything Goes To Hell 

Killjoys’ first season comes to a close with Escape Velocity, it’s a packed episode that wraps up most of the first season’s storylines while launching everyone into what promises to be an interesting followup. Either it’s showrunners are really confident that they’ll get a second season, or they’ve just left us on a… » 8/23/15 2:00pm 8/23/15 2:00pm

True Detective Season Two Is Over ... And Frankly, We Won't Miss It Much

True Detective’s uneven second season wound down with “Omega Station,” a moody finale that spelled doom for many of its main characters. We finally learn who killed Caspere ... but the reveal is so anticlimactic amid the limp to the end, it only emphasizes how insanely overlong 90 minutes can feel. » 8/10/15 8:09am 8/10/15 8:09am