Wayward Pines' Second Episode Builds To A Jaw-Dropping Twist 

Secret Service Agent Ethan Burke (Matt Dillon) continues to be baffled by the surreal pace of life in Wayward Pines, but he’s no longer completely clueless. That said, he’s still fully capable of putting disastrous events in motion, which he does in episode two: “Do Not Discuss Your Life Before.” Spoilers follow! » 5/22/15 11:15am Yesterday 11:15am

I'm Going To Pretend Everyone Died At The End of Supernatural Season 10

Supernatural has had an amazing run. The first five seasons of Eric Kripke’s monster-fighting show had a beautiful arc, and formidable storytelling chops, and the five post-Kripke seasons have had moments of greatness, despite an aimlessness bordering on ennui. But after season 10? I’m done. » 5/21/15 11:20am Thursday 11:20am

The Borden Sisters Go Undercover (But Not For Long!) On Chronicles

You gotta give The Lizzie Borden Chronicles credit; the only thing predictable about this show is how unpredictable it is (and, ok, the fact that Lizzie will off at least one other character per episode). In episode seven, “The Sisters Grimke,” the Borden sisters flee Fall River and Lizzie adopts a more fun-loving… » 5/18/15 5:23pm Monday 5:23pm

In Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, Power Lies With Politics, Not Magic

What if a world of mysticism and magic stood alongside Regency high society? Susanna Clarke’s break-out novel Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell — the BBC’s adaptation of which began in the U.K last night — asks just that. But as the first episode shows, even in a world with magic, the real power is in politics. » 5/18/15 9:00am Monday 9:00am

On Sailor Moon Crystal Near Death Experiences Will Get You What You Want

Everyone wants something on Sailor Moon Crystal. The Black Moon want power. Usagi wants to go home with her friends. Tuxedo Mask wants to protect Chibi Usa. I want to move on from the endless exposition and get to the action. But as hard as Sailor Moon Crystal tries this week, not everyone gets what they wanted. » 5/16/15 11:03am 5/16/15 11:03am

Wayward Pines' First Episode Intrigues, But It's No Twin Peaks

M. Night Shyamalan is still Kryptonite to many who’ve been burned by his love of twist endings. But we’ve already let you know we’re cautiously optimistic for Wayward Pines. And after weeks of hype, the show, which is based on the books by Blake Crouch, began its 10-episode cycle last night. Spoilers follow! » 5/15/15 10:40am 5/15/15 10:40am

A Familiar Weapon Makes A Gory Return On The Lizzie Borden Chronicles

From episode six’s title, “The Fugitive Kind,” we have a good idea that Pinkerton detective turned (wrongfully) convicted murderer Siringo is not going to end up at the gallows. But his legal troubles get him out of Lizzie’s hair long enough for her to turn her attentions to other matters, like sabotaging her sister’s… » 5/11/15 2:20pm 5/11/15 2:20pm