Last Night's Falling Skies Highlighted The Show's Most Fundamental Flaw

Last night’s Falling Skies got off to a fantastic start—that opening sequence, showcasing the rubble of our world, dotted with alien corpses full of snakes, was beautiful. And seeing the renegade Pope as the heroic rescuer was fantastic. It was the set-up for a great episode... that didn’t quite materialize. » 7/27/15 3:00pm Monday 3:00pm

The "Tooth Fairy" Story Debuts on Hannibal, And It's Bloody Fantastic

With Lecter behind bars, there’s room for a new handsome/sadistic/exquisitely bizarre killing machine to do his thing on Hannibal. And what an entrance Francis Dolarhyde (Richard Armitage) makes! Welcome, sir, and your obsessions with William Blake, dentistry, fitness, and slaughter. » 7/27/15 2:49pm Monday 2:49pm

Knives, Ruined Lives, and Another Frustrating Week on True Detective 

“Church in Ruins” is episode six of True Detective’s eight-ep second season, which has yet to trigger the buzz of season one. (Without a magnetic lead character like Rust Cohle, and the lack of much spooky intrigue, it’s not surprising). But as the closed-loop approaches completion, a few surprises still await. » 7/27/15 12:00pm Monday 12:00pm

Under The Dome Shows The Worst Scenario For A Hillary Clinton Presidency

Hey, it’s me. The Dome. Sorry I haven’t been around much. I’ve been kind of busy. You know how it is. They wanted to bring me to San Diego Comic-Con and put all of Hall H under me, as a publicity stunt. But then people got all squirrely about my plan to put J.J. Abrams in a cocoon. What? It would have been fun. » 7/24/15 5:25pm 7/24/15 5:25pm

Zoo's Animals Launch Their Cruelest Attack In Yet Another Insane Episode

Zoo’s ragtag group of humans has been assembled into a super team to investigate the worldwide animal attacks, so the episode title, “Pack Mentality,” does double duty here. Some key discoveries are made, alliances are forged, and OBVIOUSLY some angry-ass animals swoop in and steal every scene. » 7/22/15 3:20pm 7/22/15 3:20pm

People Are So Damn Blasé About the Vampire Apocalypse on The Strain

So New York City is flooded with vampires who wander the streets at night, murdering hundreds of people. As the only people capable of stopping this insanity, you hold the fate of several million survivors in your hands. What do you do? If you answered “Take swimming lessons”, congratulations! You’re a character on … » 7/21/15 8:30am 7/21/15 8:30am

Holy Crap, Hannibal Is Getting Crazier and I Love It

Oh boy! It’s Hannibal’s first time on Saturday night, and the last episode that begins in Italy, “Digestivo,” before we get into the Red Dragon arc. It starts off by explaining how Will and Hannibal made the segue from yet another grim dinner party ... into Mason Verger’s hungry, hungry clutches. » 7/20/15 7:03pm 7/20/15 7:03pm

Steven Universe Keeps Giving Us Some of the Most Complex Heroes on TV

Steven Universe graced our screens once again with a week of episodes purportedly about fusion and bringing the Crystal Gems together. Instead, a new fusion pairing actually gave us the chance for some strife between the Gems—and it turns out that they are just as fascinating apart as they are together.
» 7/20/15 11:50am 7/20/15 11:50am

The Investigation Gets New Life on an Introspective True Detective

“Other Lives” begins 66 days after last week’s explosive episode. Nobody was happy before, and now they’re all worse off than ever. But a surprise move from a politically-motivated higher-up brings the team back together, as the sinister swirl around Caspere’s murder yields ever-more layers of questions. » 7/20/15 11:28am 7/20/15 11:28am

There Is No Hannibal Recap Today Because Hannibal Now Airs On Saturdays

Ohhhh NBC. First you cancel Hannibal, then you “downgrade” it by moving it from Thursday night to Saturday night, aka TV’s boneyard? After this week, there are still six episodes, and we haven’t even met Francis Dolarhyde yet! Fortunately, despite all the bad news, the show still held its Comic-Con panel. » 7/17/15 7:40pm 7/17/15 7:40pm