Last Night's Arrow Could be a Game-Changer for Superhero Shows in General

You should watch the latest Arrow episode with the sound off. This is not an insult to the dialogue in “Brotherhood,” but a tribute to the fights. Not only could this story be told largely through the ass-kickings, this style could actually change what we expect from Arrow and superhero shows. »11/19/15 3:40pm11/19/15 3:40pm

This Year, Arrow Is Determined to Kick Your Ass From The Very First Episode

Arrow is back, and its first episode, “Green Arrow” is mashing all our emotional buttons! If you like sappy romance, it’s got you. If you like angsty bromance, it’s got you. If you like ladies being superheroes, it’s got you. And if you just want to figure out this season’s latest tragic mystery, it has got you. »10/08/15 2:00pm10/08/15 2:00pm