Borealis: The Best Political Science Fiction Movie You've Never Heard Of

A politically-savvy, action-packed movie/TV pilot, called Borealis, appeared and then disappeared without a trace last week. It's one of the great tragedies of TV series that don't get pickup — you catch a glimpse of the awesomeness that could have been, and then you are left pining for more. Produced in Canada, it's… » 1/17/13 10:40am 1/17/13 10:40am

Why Person of Interest is one of those rare shows that deserves its…

Last week's episode of Person of Interest basically brought together everything I love about this show: the brooding paranoia, the weird alliances between criminals and cops, the strange moments of humor, and the unapologetically intense violence. Now that this series' first season is nearing its final few episodes,… » 4/08/12 6:41pm 4/08/12 6:41pm

Where did The River go wrong as a TV series?

ABC's supernatural adventure drama The River started out with so much promise. The characters were compelling, the Amazon setting intriguing, and the reality TV crew vs. family secrets theme created instant conflict. And yet, after a bumpy 8-episode run, the show plunged from 8.35 million viewers for the pilot (a… » 3/21/12 1:10pm 3/21/12 1:10pm

Three reasons to watch The River tonight, and one reason not to

Produced by Steven Spielberg, and created by Paranormal Activity writer/director Oren Peli, new TV series The River boasts some pretty great credentials out of the gate. But can one-hit-wonder Peli, whose movie we loved, really handle a weekly horror series? We've seen the two-hour premiere of the show, which airs… » 2/07/12 2:52pm 2/07/12 2:52pm

A Gifted Man sums up the "she dies" genre — and not in a good way

There's a genre of movies that can be summed up this way: "She dies in the end." In them, a beautiful, angelic, ethereal woman teaches a self-centered man to love and fully experience life - and then gets killed. A Gifted Man is the exact same genre inverted. Oh no, he doesn't die. She still dies. She just dies in the » 9/30/11 12:56pm 9/30/11 12:56pm

Syfy's Being Human premiere: The good the bad and the werewolfy

Last night, the world finally got to see the U.S. version of Britain's monster hit, Being Human. We've given you our initial reactions, but now let's get down to the nitty-gritty details. What worked and what didn't? Spoilers ahead. » 1/18/11 12:28pm 1/18/11 12:28pm

Sym-Bionic Titan brings the snazzy big robot space operatics

Space royalty, giant robots, alien teens going to high school...these are all standard trappings of science fiction television. But previous shows that mined these scifi conventions lack one big thing that Sym-Bionic Titan has: the animated panache of Genndy Tartakovsky. » 9/19/10 5:45pm 9/19/10 5:45pm