Today's Best Media Deals: The Man Who Fell To Earth, Frozen, and More

Fun fact: The Man Who Fell To Earth was the source material for David Bowie's first major role. Own it on Kindle today for just $2. Here's the synopsis: » 3/19/15 2:25pm 3/19/15 2:25pm

CSI Cyber: Just Your Basic Gore Porn Forum Rollercoaster Slaughter 

Hello my CyberHeads! Who wants to go to Six Flags? Not me. This episode has instilled a very deep and likely wholly unreasonable fear of Hacked Rollercoaster Murder in my heart. » 3/12/15 4:34pm 3/12/15 4:34pm

This Awesome Timelapse Takes You Thru the Best Breaking Bad Locations

Not ready to let go of Breaking Bad? You don’t have to with this insanely cool timelapse pilgrimage to the show’s most iconic filming locations. Our resident photographer (and die-hard Walter White fan) wasn’t ready to say goodbye. So he hopped in his van and drove 1,365 miles from Vancouver to Albuquerque. » 10/21/13 7:18pm 10/21/13 7:18pm

Wesley Snipes Was Almost Geordi La Forge, and Other Star Trek: TNG

In a strong argument for the existence of alternate realities, according to this purported 1987 Star Trek: The Next Generation casting sheet Wesley Snipes was once a front-runner to play Geordi La Forge. UPDATED: » 8/26/10 2:00pm 8/26/10 2:00pm

This is nothing against LeVar Burton. I love LeVar Burton! And I wouldn't have wanted to see anyone else… » 8/26/10 2:00pm 8/26/10 2:00pm

At Last, A Graph That Explains Scifi TV After Star Trek

When have TV aliens been more popular than magic? Do shows featuring time travel fare better than those about space exploration? We chart the popularity of television's most common themes, and see how scifi television has changed since 1970. » 8/28/09 10:00am 8/28/09 10:00am