Six Theorists Explain What TV Is Doing To Your Mind

How does watching television change you? Can it affect your identity or change your perceptions of reality? Theorists have been asking those questions for fifty years. Here are six books to get you started asking the thorny questions. » 8/30/09 4:00pm 8/30/09 4:00pm

Television's Biggest Badass Of All Time, Final Round: River Vs. Batman!

River Tam: a child prodigy, subjected to weird brain experiments and turned into an unstoppable killing machine. Who can stand in her way? Maybe the guy who trained since childhood to become the greatest detective and the greatest fighter? » 8/30/09 1:00pm 8/30/09 1:00pm

Television's Biggest Badass Of All Time, Day Six: River Vs. The Doctor

Who knew River Tam was such an all-purpose badass? She's crushed two cybernetic organisms, a legendary starship captain and the Slayer. Can she defeat a Time Lord, who's lived ten lives and saved the universe? Plus a couple bonus rounds. » 8/29/09 1:52pm 8/29/09 1:52pm

10 TV Shows That Should Never, Ever Be Made Into Movies

Hollywood may have shown lack of judgment when it comes to adapting television shows into movies - Land of The Lost, anyone? - but that doesn't mean we're content to stay quiet and not warn them off certain shows nonetheless. » 8/29/09 12:00pm 8/29/09 12:00pm

Pitch Us Your Best TV Shows

All this week, we've been talking about the TV that ate our brains, but now we want to know about the TV that's eating yours... Not that it exists yet. We want to know what your ideal TV show is. » 8/29/09 9:00am 8/29/09 9:00am

Smallville's Ninth Season To Feature Classic Comic Clash?

What is going on over at Smallville? Yesterday, Geoff Johns - who'll be writing an episode of the show's ninth season - teased this pic and added "Had an amazing week at Smallville! JLA vs. JSA!!" Interesting... [Twitter] » 8/29/09 8:00am 8/29/09 8:00am

The Cutest, Sexiest, Weirdest And Wrongest Futurama Porn [NSFW]

Few science fiction shows inspire so many naughty ideas as Futurama. Go looking for regular images of the Planet Express crew, and you'll probably stumble across porn quickly. We sifted through and found the absolute sexiest and weirdest. It's NSFW! » 8/28/09 5:30pm 8/28/09 5:30pm

The Shiniest Stories On io9 Last Week

This week we all fell in love with our televisual screens and discovered new depths between the pixels. So what did you miss from our TV Ate My Brain Week? We've got the best of the best lined up right here. » 8/28/09 5:00pm 8/28/09 5:00pm

Great Masterpieces of Anti-Television Storytelling

Although science fiction has been a mainstay on television since the mid-twentieth century, the genre has been consistently critical of television's power to brainwash the masses. Here are the classic anti-TV tales from science fiction. » 8/28/09 4:40pm 8/28/09 4:40pm

30 Rock Salutes Science Fiction: Every Great Clip

We've all seen the big spoofs of scifi classics. Family Guy just recreated Star Wars and the Simpsons' Prisoner tribute was perfection. But nobody salutes science fiction better than 30 Rock's sly one-liners, which just slip it in there. » 8/28/09 4:22pm 8/28/09 4:22pm

What's The Matter With Story Arcs On Television?

Used to be, your television heroes explored the edges of the universe and confronted unimaginable nightmares. And then they'd end up back where they started. Now television gives us arcs, that continue from week to week. Is that really better? » 8/28/09 2:20pm 8/28/09 2:20pm

Original Pilot vs. Official Pilot: Which Shows Changed the Most?

While most shows' pilots air as their first episode, some shows get a do-over to make creative changes, improve production, or appease the network. We look at some of the pilots that didn't make it and how the shows changed. » 8/28/09 1:30pm 8/28/09 1:30pm

Television's Biggest Badass Of All Time, Day Five: River Vs. Buffy

Is there anybody who can stop River Tam's slaughter of television's greatest ass-kickers? How about Joss Whedon's original heroine, Buffy? The Slayer has stopped the apocalypse more times than you can count — surely she can take on one girl? » 8/28/09 1:07pm 8/28/09 1:07pm

Doctor Who Set Pics Reveal A Historical Figure And An Old Enemy?

British time-travel show Doctor Who's taking us back to one of the Doctor's favorite historical eras, judging from some new set pics — and we'll be meeting one of history's greatest legends — and one of Doctor Who's worst villains. » 8/28/09 12:20pm 8/28/09 12:20pm

The Top 100 Science Fiction/Fantasy Shows Of All Time

Science fiction and fantasy have ruled television for over 50 years, but some shows have brightened our screens and supercharged our brains more than others. Here's our list of the 100 greatest science fiction/fantasy shows of all time. » 8/28/09 10:35am 8/28/09 10:35am

At Last, A Graph That Explains Scifi TV After Star Trek

When have TV aliens been more popular than magic? Do shows featuring time travel fare better than those about space exploration? We chart the popularity of television's most common themes, and see how scifi television has changed since 1970. » 8/28/09 10:00am 8/28/09 10:00am

The Questions You Shouldn't Answer, And The Answers You Can't Let Go Of

I was lucky enough to be talking with one of my favorite scifi novelists the other day, and I asked him a question he didn't know the answer to. » 8/28/09 9:00am 8/28/09 9:00am

What The Hell Happened to the Mid-Sized Scifi Movie?

This is a weird post. Maybe even a rant. And my ire could be significantly misplaced, but WTF - This is something I've been thinking about all summer: Where is the middle? I'm talking movie budgets here. » 8/27/09 2:51pm 8/27/09 2:51pm

Television's Biggest Badass Of All Time, Day Four: River Vs. Kirk

The battle of the Summer Glaus was long and fierce — but we're calling it. River Tam vanquished her robotic twin, Cameron. But how will River do against the man who doesn't believe in the no-win situation: James T. Kirk? » 8/27/09 1:53pm 8/27/09 1:53pm

From Enchantress to Vamp Slayer - How "Bewitched" Created "Buffy"

A blonde hides her supernatural powers from the rest of the world while her show deals with social issues through metaphor and analogy... Sounds like Joss Whedon's Buffy, but Elizabeth Montgomery was there thirty years earlier with classic sitcom Bewitched. » 8/26/09 2:26pm 8/26/09 2:26pm