Live Coverage of the End of the World

Today is the first day of the end of the world, according to the predictions of unquestionably sane biblical mathematician Harold Camping—and we're bringing you to the Whore of Babylon herself, New York City, live via web stream. Watch as Christian souls are raptured to the sky! Listen as the angels sound the seven… » 5/21/11 8:50am 5/21/11 8:50am

Gawker Book Club: Seth Mnookin's The Panic Virus

Our latest iteration of the Gawker Book Club features The Panic Virus, a forensic and infuriating account of the genesis and spread of the vaccines-cause-autism meme by Vanity Fair contributor and Gawker pal Seth Mnookin. » 1/14/11 10:19am 1/14/11 10:19am

Ambulances Called, Show Stopped After 'Big Accident' During Spider-Man…

Uh-oh: According to several people in the audience of tonight's show, the Bono-penned, Julie Taymor-directed Spider-Man musical Turn off the Dark just stopped a performance mid-show after an actor was involved in a 'big accident'—possibly a two-story fall. » 12/20/10 10:04pm 12/20/10 10:04pm

Luckily, it seems as though the actor involved is okay,… » 12/20/10 10:04pm 12/20/10 10:04pm