Someone Is Tweeting Top Gun One Frame At A Time

If you've got, I don't know, a couple months nine years to kill with nothing else to do, start following @555uhz on Twitter. That person will let you watch Top Gun for free, just as long as you don't mind watching it without sound — and about a frame at a time. » 2/18/14 6:27pm 2/18/14 6:27pm

The 20 Best #SixWordPaperTitle Tweets

We're not sure how the #SixWordPaperTitle hashtag began, but we know how it will end: in a sea of dry-witted honesty, one that deconstructs the verbose, jargon-y, and overwrought conventions that plague the titles of academic papers with wave after pithy wave of good-natured (and not-so-good-natured) criticism. » 2/08/14 5:00pm 2/08/14 5:00pm

An alternate history where Twitter is genuinely disruptive

Jim Munroe, director of Ghosts with Shit Jobs, is back with a strange, Utopian short film. It's a mashup of an actual interview with Twitter founder Jack Dorsey. In an alternate history, Dorsey realizes that Twitter has become corrupt and gives it back to the people by making it open source. » 11/11/13 9:47am 11/11/13 9:47am

Scientists create a tweeting bra in defiance of man and god

The designers at OgilvyOne Athens have designed a bra that posts a tweet on Twitter every time it is unhooked. Happily, it's not a tweet to your mom, explaining you're possibly about to fornicate, but rather it sends a message to @TweetingBra, where it reminds its followers to perform monthly breast self-examinations. » 10/25/13 2:10pm 10/25/13 2:10pm

Horse_ebooks proves that humans yearn to be friends with bots

Normally, we worry that Twitter accounts and dating profiles are run by bots — sophisticated algorithms that pretend to be humans. But now, thanks to the Horse_ebooks Twitter account, we have to be on the lookout for humans luring us in by pretending to be machines. » 9/24/13 3:30pm 9/24/13 3:30pm

The 50+ Greatest Tweets about Ben Affleck's casting as Batman

You may have heard that Warner Bros. announced Ben Affleck would take the cowl of Batman in 2015 Batman/Superman movie. The Internet, as it is wont to do, completely lost its mind. Here are more than 50 of the greatest, funniest, and angriest Twitter responses — from celebrities, comedians, and enraged nerds alike — to … » 8/23/13 8:05am 8/23/13 8:05am

Fake Hugo Award Categories lists all the hilarious scifi awards we…

Sure, the Hugo Awards have a prize for everything from Best Novel to Best Semiprozine to Best Fanartist. But what about an award for oddest use of steampunk? Or one that acknowledges how much we dig Doctor Who? Hugo Award-winning author Tim Pratt devised the #FakeHugoAwardCategories hashtag on Twitter, and it's a riot… » 2/27/13 2:00pm 2/27/13 2:00pm