The Dark Knight Twice As Long As It Should Be

After all the hype and buzz, The Dark Knight turns out to be a taut, morally ambiguous crime drama that shies away for superhero schtick in favor of something more understated and suspenseful. As long as you leave the movie somewhere around the halfway point. If you stay for the whole thing, then be prepared to put up… » 7/18/08 12:00pm 7/18/08 12:00pm

Look Who Nurse Joker Is Coming To Visit

So that shocking Harvey Dent image we ran in this morning's spoiler round up? The one I was pretty sure was a fake? It's looking more like it might be real. Spoiler TV's movie blog posted a bunch of screencaps from The Dark Knight, including a better version of that image. And it does look as though Nurse Joker is… » 7/08/08 11:57am 7/08/08 11:57am

First Clip Of Dark Knight's Secret Villain: He Walks, He Talks, He…

You wouldn't want to get on Harvey Dent's bad side, judging from this new video clip released by Warner Brothers on the Dark Knight viral website. I'm guessing the clip comes from the very end of the movie, and it's actually the first viral marketing that has made me genuinely excited for this movie. Aaron Eckhart was… » 6/17/08 8:20am 6/17/08 8:20am

Journey To The Heart Of The Dark Knight's New Villain

The new Dark Knight trailer is finally up for the masses in HD. As we reported, this trailer gives you the first glimpse of the new Batman bad boy, in all his alarming, grisly greatness. And we have some images of this villain's previous appearances, for comparison purposes. » 5/05/08 8:20am 5/05/08 8:20am

Here's the first screen grab of…