These Incredible Illustrations Were Made Entirely On Typewriters

Long before ASCII appeared on the scene, artists started using typewriters to create inky landscapes, portraits, and other works of art. From 19th-century typographic illustrations to more modern works of graphic art, here is what typewriters are capable of producing beyond the written word. » 12/02/14 3:00pm 12/02/14 3:00pm

Beautiful bird sculptures made entirely of typewriter parts

Oakland-based artist Jeremy Mayer has an impressive knack for recycling typewriters into marvelous anatomical sculptures. Perhaps best known for his full-scale, anatomically correct human figures, he also dabbles in deer, damselflies and, in one of his more recent projects, birds. » 7/03/13 7:00am 7/03/13 7:00am

The Curious Evolution of the Typewriter, in Pictures

Chances are you're typing on a keyboard as you read this. But could you imagine typing on a set of keys like the ones above? The typewriter keyboard has a long and colorful history — and here are some eye-opening pictures of typewriters from the past two centuries. » 5/28/13 4:23pm 5/28/13 4:23pm

Another Typewriter That Types When It Is Spoken To, 1961

Here's Dr. Harry F. Olson, director of the Acoustical and Electromagnetical Laboratory of RCA, with his newly patented phonetic typewriter. Looking very similar to the Machine That Types What Is Spoken To It of 1913, Olson's typewriter took dictation through a microphone and turned it into type via what the New York… » 4/22/08 1:20pm 4/22/08 1:20pm

A Laptop From 1893

Click to viewThe next time you're feeling all smug and twenty-first century commuting into the office while using your laptop to catch up on emails or prep for a presentation, consider the following. Back in 1893, a publication called The Manufacturer and Builder hyped a new portable typewriter that could "readily be… » 4/14/08 1:20pm 4/14/08 1:20pm