What on Earth created this bizarre jellyfish-cloud outside the ISS?

The astronauts on board the International Space Station saw a strange and unexpected view out their windows yesterday. “Saw something launch into space today. Not sure what it was but the cloud it left behind was pretty amazing,” tweeted NASA astronaut Mike Hopkins. » 10/11/13 1:00pm 10/11/13 1:00pm

Who built these structures? Could it be . . . aliens?

There are some incredible structures created by humans so long ago that it's tempting to believe they were built by alien hands. Here are some of the most famous examples of constructions that were — according to legend — created by otherworldly forces. » 9/09/13 3:31pm 9/09/13 3:31pm

Prepare to be Anal Probed Along America's Extraterrestrial Highway

Astrophysicist (and massive sex symbol) Neil Degrasse Tyson recently questioned whether human beings were too stupid for aliens to contact. While he may have a point, if Neil's interested in finding intelligent life on Earth, he should road trip down the Extraterrestrial Highway, it's loaded with tiny gray men. » 7/23/13 11:20am 7/23/13 11:20am

Real-Life Flying Saucers Prove That the Truth Is Right Here

We introduced you some of the weirdest aircraft of the 20th century before, but now it's time to talk about Earth's fleets of flying saucers. Check out these vehicles and concepts that show how we've been building UFOs all along. » 6/19/13 3:37pm 6/19/13 3:37pm

These weird stories prove that extraterrestrials love Russia

Americans and Europeans like to imagine that aliens will land in London, New York, or Washington, DC, but Russian history is filled with mysterious events that many have claimed to be the work of extraterrestrials. Here are a few of the freaky tales that have left many Russians watching the skies. » 6/16/13 1:00pm 6/16/13 1:00pm