The BBC finally has a new digital store that lets you buy and keep tons of BBC shows, past and prese

The BBC finally has a new digital store that lets you buy and keep tons of BBC shows, past and present. Although it’s currently only available in the UK, the BBC Store has hours of BBC programming available, including a bunch of sci-fi: from Doctor Who to the 1981 classic Day of the Triffids, and more! »11/05/15 9:30am11/05/15 9:30am

The Man Behind Hannibal Wants To Reboot The British Avengers

Okay, so you might be more familiar with a bunch costumed superheroes when someone says “The Avengers” to you—but to UK-based readers of a certain age, it means only one thing: The spy-fi adventures of John Steed and Emma Peel. They could return to TV too, if Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller has anything to say about it. »11/03/15 12:48pm11/03/15 12:48pm

The Real Reason Why US Adaptations Of British TV Shows Rarely Succeed

When it comes to TV, us Brits get very defensive when America tries to adapt one of our shows - just look at the reaction to the announcement that Black Mirror is getting a US remake. There's a good reason for the concern though: Most of the time these adaptations don't really work... and that's actually a good thing. »1/30/15 3:17pm1/30/15 3:17pm

What's The Point Of A Shared Universe If Not Every Fan Can Access It?

So, Agent Carter. Pretty good! At least, I hear that. Like most of the UK and Europe, I've not seen it - and it's unsure when or if we will. It sucks just as much as it usually does when we're left waiting for a show, but in this case, it paints a worrying precedent as more creators establish shared universes. »1/16/15 10:24am1/16/15 10:24am

The UK is Importing American Sperm to Deal With Shortage

There is a sperm drought looming over the UK, and they're facing some issues keeping up with the demand. It is believed that donor numbers have dropped since 2005, when donors no longer had the right to anonymity (children who were conceived by way of a donor can now legally ask for the identity of their donor at age… »6/29/14 4:51pm6/29/14 4:51pm

Not One Single Woman Directed a Doctor Who Episode Last Year

In spite of all the criticism Hollywood has faced recently for its awful female-to-male director ratio, women are still being widely discriminated against in the film industry. Maybe, being a generally optimistic person, you might be inclined to think that things are a little more equal outside of the US. What about… »7/07/13 2:32pm7/07/13 2:32pm