Not One Single Woman Directed a Doctor Who Episode Last Year

In spite of all the criticism Hollywood has faced recently for its awful female-to-male director ratio, women are still being widely discriminated against in the film industry. Maybe, being a generally optimistic person, you might be inclined to think that things are a little more equal outside of the US. What about in … » 7/07/13 2:32pm 7/07/13 2:32pm

Your Cat Is Trying to Kill You Again, Part II: The Quickening

Remember how your cat was waging a long-con, biological war on you? And then — with suspicious abruptness — it wasn’t waging war on you anymore and you were like, “But I could have sworn...” uneasily returning to your household chores with a creeping feeling that your cat hadn’t abandoned its murderous plans? Well, it… » 6/30/13 4:30pm 6/30/13 4:30pm

Publicly funded British research will be freely accessible to citizens …

It's been a big year for proponents of the open-science revolution. In January, an angry blog post quickly transformed into a clarion call within the scientific community over the exorbitant cost of academic journal subscriptions. In May, the British government announced it would be collaborating with Wikipedia… » 7/16/12 1:30pm 7/16/12 1:30pm

British Libertarian Party Fights Surveillance with George Orwell

Over 400 years ago today, Guy Fawkes and his co-conspirators placed 20 barrels of gunpowder beneath the British House of Lords. Today, the Houses of Parliament are getting a much more peaceful, but perhaps equally incendiary, delivery. Chafing beneath Britain’s widespread surveillance and increasingly restrictive laws, … » 11/05/08 8:40am 11/05/08 8:40am

New UK Window Display Shows Fluorescent Human Veins

The Wellcome Trust is a UK charity organization with a penchant for provocative haute design. (They're also the guys that commissioned the awesome raining molten metal sculpture.) Their current window display features two naked human arms. Every few minutes, the arms turn from opaque to translucent, and bright red… » 1/30/08 8:00am 1/30/08 8:00am