Scifi characters invade Tatooine, Where's Waldo-style

Mos Eisley becomes the nexus of all science fiction realities in this giant print from artist Ulises Farinas. How many out-of-place characters can you find? » 2/18/12 2:30pm 2/18/12 2:30pm

And now, G.I. Joe and the Rocketeer versus Godzilla and Cobra

Well, here's the most unexpected bad-ass fan art you'll see all day. Artist Ulises Farinas — who you may remember from these previous illustrations — has now pitted the Rocketeer and G.I. Joe versus Cobra and Godzilla's kaiju army. » 10/24/11 7:00am 10/24/11 7:00am

The Justice League gets medieval in the Year 1000

Artist Ulises Farinas imagines rebooting the DC continuity all the way back to the Year 1000, where the mad King Batman, the Woman of Wonders, and the Monk with a Green Lantern battle ancient trolls and wicked Knights Templar. » 6/15/11 11:00am 6/15/11 11:00am

The cast of Doctor Who gets the Lego minifig treatment

Ulises Farinas has wowed us before with his illustrations of superheroes as Lego minifigs. Now he does the same with the cast of Doctor Who. Perhaps this could provide some inspiration for a Doctor Who Lego line? [via Forbidden Planet] » 11/06/10 8:30am 11/06/10 8:30am

The Most Powerful Lego Minifigs In the Universe

When Lego Galactus comes to consume our plastic planet, who will heed the call to defeat him? How does the minifig Green Lantern Corps wear rings without separate fingers? Ulises Farinas illustrates superhero scenes in the Lego world. » 12/06/09 3:00pm 12/06/09 3:00pm