Marvel's Ultimate universe isn't dying, but it is definitely different

Marvel revealed their post-Cataclysm plans for the Ultimate universe, and they are a doozy.. The line will be relaunched with three new titles — Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate FF, and All-New Ultimates — but "all-new" in this case is not just a marketing gimmick, it's the truth. » 1/10/14 7:51am 1/10/14 7:51am

The end of two Marvel universes begins in This Week’s Comics

The end may be nigh! As the Utimates face off against the original Galactus in Cataclysm, the fate of the regular Marvel universe is in the hands of its third-most unlikely hero, Longshot! Plus: Girls’ Jonathan Luna returns, the ladies join the battle with Red Sonja, and a queen arrives in My Little Pony, all in this… » 11/05/13 2:05pm 11/05/13 2:05pm