This Week's Comics Offer Destruction, High Quality Escapism

No matter which candidate wins or loses, new comics will still hit stores tomorrow (Or, you know, Thursday if you live outside of the US). It gives you that much-needed sense of perspective, doesn't it? And in case you need to drown your electoral sorrows, this week's releases are full of quality escapism for anyone.… » 11/04/08 9:00am 11/04/08 9:00am

Marvel's Ultimate Line To Become More Heroic

Confirmed on today's Ultimate Universe panel at San Diego, Marvel's Ultimates line is beginning to look very like NBC's Heroes. With the exception of Brian Michael Bendis' Ultimate Spider-Man series, the entire line will be written by writers from NBC's hit show; Executive producer Jeph Loeb is already writing The… » 7/26/08 7:00pm 7/26/08 7:00pm