Escape Your Own Family With An Evil Superhero Family In This Week's Comics

And so, as we approach the start of the holiday season, it's worth asking ourselves, what are we thankful for? Luckily, it only takes one look at the list of comics to find more than a few likely suspects, including a sleepy urban legend, a dysfunctional family that fights together, and some of the best short scifi… »11/25/08 12:00pm11/25/08 12:00pm

Find Out How To Make A Superhero in This Week's Comics

Here's hoping that you're not looking for something new from the Big Two comic publishers this week, because both DC and Marvel Comics have apparently found themselves so exhausted by their Secret Invasions and Final Crises that they're pretty much taking the next seven days off. Not that that means that you'll be… »6/17/08 12:30pm6/17/08 12:30pm