New video of Machine Perception Lab's creepy robot baby shows that it is indeed creepy

We've known about Machine Perception Lab's super-realistic robot baby for quite some time now, but we've never actually seen it in action — at least until now. As this new video shows, roboticists appear to be getting perilously close to crossing the uncanny valley — while scaring the crap out of the good children… »1/08/13 3:00pm1/08/13 3:00pm

This is some of the most incredible facial modeling we've ever seen — and it was developed by Disney

This is really, really, really impressive. The folks at Disney Research Zurich have just unveiled what they call a "new physical face cloning method" that allows them to fabricate an artificial human face (for use with an animatronics model) at mind-blowing levels of detail. The modeling methods are incredibly… »8/15/12 8:55am8/15/12 8:55am

These robotic butt-cheeks respond to slaps, caresses, and pokes

There is a chance (a small chance, but a chance, nonetheless) that one day in the distant future, the sun will set on the world of humans and rise over a world ruled by machines. When that day comes, and our automaton overlords tower over us, inquiring why those few who survived the great robot uprising should not… »5/10/12 4:40pm5/10/12 4:40pm

Uncanny Valley masks transform you into a beautiful nightmare

Designer Meike Harde has printed out a series of two-dimensional masks of attractive human features that — when skewed by the contours of the actual face — become positively repellent. The flawless (albeit substitute) eyes and lips meld with the exposed skin, and these perfect traits become imperfect and downright… »4/16/12 8:40am4/16/12 8:40am

Scientists still aren't sure why the "uncanny valley" freaks you the hell out

When Pixar screened a computer-animated short film called "Tin Toy" in 1988, test audiences hated the sight of the pseudo-realistic baby named "Billy" who terrorized the toys. Such a strong reaction persuaded Pixar to avoid making uncannily realistic human characters - it has since focused its efforts on films about… »4/05/12 1:26pm4/05/12 1:26pm

Looker is the rare cheesy 1980s movie that got the future right

By now, most of us are resigned to the notion that the Future™ is not going to be everything we were promised by science fiction. We will not be getting our flying cars, wise-cracking robot butlers, immortality pills, or pleasure model replicants any time soon. But while we mourn for everything that science fiction… »2/12/11 3:00pm2/12/11 3:00pm