A clothing store mannequin that imitates your movements

We're not entirely sure if United Arrows' new MarionetteBot makes mannequins more or less creepy, but it's certainly attracting attention. To make it work, the popular Japanese clothing chain equipped a mannequin with a series of motors and 16 wires that are guided by a Kinect. By standing and moving in front of the… »2/19/13 12:30pm2/19/13 12:30pm

New video of Machine Perception Lab's creepy robot baby shows that it is indeed creepy

We've known about Machine Perception Lab's super-realistic robot baby for quite some time now, but we've never actually seen it in action — at least until now. As this new video shows, roboticists appear to be getting perilously close to crossing the uncanny valley — while scaring the crap out of the good children… »1/08/13 6:00pm1/08/13 6:00pm

This is some of the most incredible facial modeling we've ever seen — and it was developed by Disney

This is really, really, really impressive. The folks at Disney Research Zurich have just unveiled what they call a "new physical face cloning method" that allows them to fabricate an artificial human face (for use with an animatronics model) at mind-blowing levels of detail. The modeling methods are incredibly… »8/15/12 11:55am8/15/12 11:55am

These robotic butt-cheeks respond to slaps, caresses, and pokes

There is a chance (a small chance, but a chance, nonetheless) that one day in the distant future, the sun will set on the world of humans and rise over a world ruled by machines. When that day comes, and our automaton overlords tower over us, inquiring why those few who survived the great robot uprising should not… »5/10/12 7:40pm5/10/12 7:40pm

Uncanny Valley masks transform you into a beautiful nightmare

Designer Meike Harde has printed out a series of two-dimensional masks of attractive human features that — when skewed by the contours of the actual face — become positively repellent. The flawless (albeit substitute) eyes and lips meld with the exposed skin, and these perfect traits become imperfect and downright… »4/16/12 11:40am4/16/12 11:40am

Scientists still aren't sure why the "uncanny valley" freaks you the hell out

When Pixar screened a computer-animated short film called "Tin Toy" in 1988, test audiences hated the sight of the pseudo-realistic baby named "Billy" who terrorized the toys. Such a strong reaction persuaded Pixar to avoid making uncannily realistic human characters - it has since focused its efforts on films about… »4/05/12 4:26pm4/05/12 4:26pm