This May, Wolverine and Deadpool go up against a spanking new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

Out of all the X-Men titles on the stands, writer Rick Remender's Uncanny X-Force has consistently been one of the best. This is thanks to intricate story arcs, the morally muddled politics of Wolverine running an assassination squad, and the comic's willingness to delve into byzantine corners of X-Men lore. »2/17/12 5:30pm2/17/12 5:30pm


Cable returns, Guillermo del Toro pens vampires, and a ton of other craziness hits stores this comic book Wednesday!

Boy howdy, there's a truckload of nifty stuff hitting the spinner racks come Wednesday. Among many things, Secret Wars is back in print, a fairy tale by Persepolis' Marjane Satrapi gets an English adaptation, and a big story arc on Uncanny X-Force wraps up. Let's dive in! »12/13/11 12:30pm12/13/11 12:30pm