A $146,000 Anti-Zombie Cabin Is Your Best Bet To Stay Safe on Halloween

Don't listen to the naysayers. The zombie apocalypse is real—and imminent. Fortunately, Tiger Log Cabins is on your side with a state-of-the-art, high-tech Zombie Fortification Cabin. Because those goddamn trick-or-treaters zombies never stood a chance. » 10/28/14 7:16pm 10/28/14 7:16pm

1500-year-old English skeleton was "ritually staked" with iron nails

Any Buffy fan knows that you kill a vampire with a stake through the heart. And now we have further evidence that this method of destroying the undead is actually rooted in real-life practices. The latest study to explore this practice, by archeologist Matthew Beresford, is a close look at a 6th century skeleton… » 11/08/12 4:31pm 11/08/12 4:31pm

Stories that prove there's a fine line between zombie and vampire

True Blood returns tonight, and last season's finale dropped several clues that this season might introduce zombies alongside our usual cast of vampires, werepanthers, fairies, and shapeshifters. But are zombies and vampires really all that different? » 6/10/12 9:00am 6/10/12 9:00am

A Perfect 2-Sentence Summary of Every Episode of Walking Dead Season 2

The folks over at Rock Paper Cynic have an excellent collection of angry Walking Dead art that reminds us all that Lori is the absolute worst. These brilliant little stick-figure art pieces are paired with the news that AMC is hosting a special season three preview during their marathon of the series on July 7th… » 6/01/12 6:30am 6/01/12 6:30am

What are the tax implications of the zombie apocalypse?

The only certainties in life are death and taxes, but how do you handle the taxes when death doesn't go quite as planned? Law professor Adam Chodorow takes a stab at estate planning for the undead in perhaps the only legal paper to cite both the Internal Revenue Code and Weekend at Bernie's II. » 5/26/12 9:00am 5/26/12 9:00am

Relive your own zombie death every night with this undead bedspread

Place your head in a pool of your own screen-printed blood as you dream of being ripped to shreds by a zombie horde. » 2/02/12 11:20am 2/02/12 11:20am

Zombie Dawn is chock full of old-fashioned zombie-slaying action

Tired of the fancy pants 3D and sexy lady spin kicking zombie-slayers? Then check out the trailer for Zombie Dawn, the ultra-low-budget horror movie which just throws a bunch of soldiers into a pit of hungry zombies and asks them to clean it out for the rest of the us. » 12/28/11 5:14pm 12/28/11 5:14pm

Zombieland writers turn their undead sequel into a TV show, write a…

We've got a double dose of news about everyone's favorite horror comedy writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese. Looks like Zombieland 2 might become a TV show, and there may be a potentially hilarious Micronauts film in our future! » 10/18/11 9:50am 10/18/11 9:50am

Secrets from the Walking Dead Comics Hidden in the Season Two Videos

Last year, The Walking Dead deviated massively from Robert Kirkman's comic book source material — ending in a giant CG fireball. But will the new season adhere to the original work? Here are a few comic book clues we picked up in the trailers, clips and promo shots! BIG SPOILERS AHEAD. » 10/14/11 12:00pm 10/14/11 12:00pm

6 Walking Dead shorts tell the bloody story of the undead "Bicycle Girl"

Find out what happened to the rest of the world during the undead outbreak on The Walking Dead, with these five webisodes, directed by the series co-producer Greg Nicotero. Find out what really happened to the Bicycle Girl from the show's pilot. » 10/03/11 1:40pm 10/03/11 1:40pm

Scar your children with the delightful book Sorry Your Mother is Undead

Worried your child won't be able to handle the next apocalypse? Never fear — there's a "children's book" available to help explain why Mommy is all green and craves brains, titled That's Not Your Mommy Anymore. Check out a few pages right now! » 9/09/11 6:30am 9/09/11 6:30am

World War Z's zombie rampage set video will make your hair stand up

How will the movie adaptation of Max Brooks World War Z differ from the hoards of undead films before it? How about break dancing zombies? Watch as an infected man twitches into undead death from the WWZ set! » 9/06/11 6:30am 9/06/11 6:30am

First look at the zombies from World War Z

Wondering how World War Z will make the zombie masses stand out from other undead hordes we've seen recently? Wonder no longer — take a look at a collection of zombie faces from the WWZ. » 8/22/11 10:40am 8/22/11 10:40am

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World War Z movie synopsis is nothing like the book, internet melts down

Remember when the World War Z movie held such promise? Now, not so much. Paramount has released the synopsis for its film adaptation of Max Brooks' seminal zombie war story, and people are not happy about the massive deviations. » 8/12/11 11:06am 8/12/11 11:06am

AMC's Crazy Ideas for Cutting Costs on The Walking Dead

AMC thinks that zombies should be heard and not seen. Read a few of the terrible money-saving ideas AMC reportedly threw at showrunner Frank Darabont, before throwing him out the door. A new report claims there was more to Darabont's precipitous departure than anybody realizes. » 8/11/11 12:38pm 8/11/11 12:38pm

Zombie 5K obstacle course has you racing from the undead

Live out your zombie chase fantasies with this amazing 5K zombie run. Participants in the 5K will race through a challenging obstacle course, while zombie volunteers chase them down. » 7/29/11 9:30am 7/29/11 9:30am

The first ever clip from the second season of The Walking Dead

AMC has released the first clip from the new season of The Walking Dead, and it's a doozy. Watch as Rick Grimes whacks away the last bit of humanity inside of himself — by crushing a few "geeks" with a rock! » 7/18/11 6:30am 7/18/11 6:30am

Watch a teaser for Garth Ennis’ zombie war film, Stitched

Garth Ennis the sick-minded comic writer who brought us Preacher, is making a short film, and we're absolutely horrified by what it might contain. He's mashed up modern warfare and zombies, and this could get bloody. Check it out! » 7/14/11 3:30pm 7/14/11 3:30pm

Civil War zombies attack in Exit Humanity trailer

Still disappointed by the huge disaster that was Jonah Hex? Well here's a movie that will restore your faith in supernatural Civil War crossovers. Watch the trailer for Exit Humanity: part 18th century horror show, part animated scribbles from a madman's journal. » 7/12/11 9:56am 7/12/11 9:56am