1500-year-old English skeleton was "ritually staked" with iron nails

Any Buffy fan knows that you kill a vampire with a stake through the heart. And now we have further evidence that this method of destroying the undead is actually rooted in real-life practices. The latest study to explore this practice, by archeologist Matthew Beresford, is a close look at a 6th century skeleton… »11/08/12 7:31pm11/08/12 7:31pm

A Perfect 2-Sentence Summary of Every Episode of Walking Dead Season 2

The folks over at Rock Paper Cynic have an excellent collection of angry Walking Dead art that reminds us all that Lori is the absolute worst. These brilliant little stick-figure art pieces are paired with the news that AMC is hosting a special season three preview during their marathon of the series on July 7th… »6/01/12 9:30am6/01/12 9:30am