A video that shows how your stomach communicates with your brain - on a cellular level

Especially in the presence of fatty or sugary foods, many of us feel like our stomachs control our brains. Now, University of Cambridge zoologist Paola Cognigni shows you exactly how the brain and gut function as an anatomical circuit in the body of a fruit fly — and this can shed light on the human brain/gut… »3/05/12 10:40am3/05/12 10:40am

Here's what it looks like when you turn human skin cells into neural stem cells

You've probably heard of experiments where scientists create stem cells out of other kinds of cells. Now, you can actually see what that looks like. Here, you can see the work of University of Cambridge neuroscientist Yichen Shi, who has turned ordinary human skin cells into neural stem cells that, in the future, we… »2/27/12 8:13pm2/27/12 8:13pm

The mysterious "fishbone" pattern created by two jets of water

Fluid dynamics can be quite bizarre, and scientists are still trying to understand what causes various liquids to create predictable (and unpredictable) patterns. University of Cambridge engineer Sungjune Jung shows us how jets of liquid water, over time, can be made to transform from a sheer sheet of water into a… »2/23/12 8:16pm2/23/12 8:16pm

A luminescent portrait of cell movements in a developing embryo

Imagine if you could track the movement of every single cell in a developing embryo, discovering what each undifferentiated cell turned into. It could allow you to reverse-engineer the construction of an organism. University of Cambridge zoology researcher Matt Benton is tracking the movements in beetle embryos… »2/13/12 7:56pm2/13/12 7:56pm

This is the "stretchable gold" that will power rubber circuit boards

We've been hearing a lot about how the future of electronics will involve stretchy circuit boards, or circuits you can glue to your skin. In this video, you can see one crucial ingredient in bendy electronics — stretchable, electrically-conductive gold that can bend with the rubber it's printed on. University of… »2/09/12 1:57pm2/09/12 1:57pm