Doctor Who's Kate Lethbridge-Stewart Is Getting Her Own Audio Spinoff

The no-nonsense daughter of Doctor Who's beloved Brigadier has been a welcome addition to the Who-niverse in the past few years. Now, she's getting her own spinoff series as part of Big Finish's collection of Doctor Who audio dramas. But the news could have far reaching implications beyond just Kate... »2/10/15 11:10am2/10/15 11:10am


The Fake Intelligence Organizations and Spy Networks of Science Fiction

Sometimes science fiction series dissolve into acronym soup. In Marvel comics, you've got SHIELD (introduced in the Iron Man movie too), HYDRA, and AIM (not the instant messenger client, which is probably ten times as evil as the mad scientist group). And then there are all the strange organizations which secretly… »7/01/08 6:23pm7/01/08 6:23pm