Universal appears to be thinking about Middle-Earth: The Theme Park

Rumors around the Infotainment Supernetway indicate that Universal is looking into adding a Lord of the Rings/Hobbit-inspired section to their Universal Studios theme parks, which would instantly be the new nerdiest place on Earth. Supposedly talks are far enough along that the Tolkien Estate people have already… »1/04/13 6:00pm1/04/13 6:00pm

Bayhem Will Ensue On The Universal Studios Transformers 3D Ride

Why should fancy pants Hollywood actor Shia LaBeouf have all the fun? Now you too can ride next to the shoulders of the mega-robots on Universal Studios' new Transformers »10/21/08 10:30am10/21/08 10:30am ride. Teaming up with Hasbro, Dreamworks, and Michael Bay, Universal has created a 3D monster. I'm sure if Bay is involved we'll be getting metal…