The Sinister Mystery of the Circleville, Ohio Poison-Pen Letter Writer 


New Jersey’s eerie “Watcher” mystery has a precedent: In 1976, the citizens of Circleville, Ohio began receiving sinister handwritten letters. The anonymous author knew many personal details about each resident and claimed to be watching them. They were postmarked from Columbus, without a return address.
» 7/02/15 2:20pm 7/02/15 2:20pm

The Enduring, Unsolved Mystery Of The "Deep Freeze Murder"

On December 30, 1957, 17-year-old Ann Noblett was seen getting off the bus that was returning her home from a dancing lesson. She had only a short journey on foot to reach her house, but she never made it. A month later, her body was found ... frozen to the core, despite England’s mild winter that year. » 6/22/15 4:40pm 6/22/15 4:40pm

Sweden's Most Bizarre Unsolved Murder Was (Maybe) Committed By A Vampire

Precious little information exists about what’s known as the Atlas Vampire Murder, so named for the neighborhood in Stockholm where it took place in 1932 ... and for the gruesome crime-scene details left behind by an unknown assailant. Quite obviously, the latter is why this long-cold case is still so tantalizing. » 5/21/15 8:00pm 5/21/15 8:00pm