How big of a dose of radiation do you get when reading Playboy?

Glossy magazines often contain a substance that has elevated levels of uranium and thorium. This means that reading one for various lengths of time slightly heightens your level of radiation exposure. Find out how much magazines like Playboy are poisoning your body, even if they're not corrupting your mind and… »9/22/11 10:00am9/22/11 10:00am

Electro-bugs have appendages that zap the uranium out of water

The bacteria known as Geobacter sulfurreducens, when exposed to uranium, pretty much just die. But under certain conditions, they can grow appendages that can literally make uranium drop out of water like a stone. Scientists have found a way to get them to grow the right way, and may even be able to recreate them… »9/07/11 10:40am9/07/11 10:40am