Overpopulated Floating Cities Threaten To Obliterate The Sun

This piece of conceptual art, entitled "We Never Learn," shows a dangerously overpopulated world with floating cities, parks, and layers that threaten to blot out the sky. Of course, that doesn't mean we wouldn't want to live there, flying cars and all. Although if you hit the ball out of one of those parks, good luck… »3/28/08 3:20pm3/28/08 3:20pm

A City Gets an Environmental Makeover — Check Out the Before and After Drawings

Ecocity Builders is a group that does eco-friendly urban projects. They've just posted some cool images of what a typical urban downtown looks like now, and what it would look like if the city were redesigned to be a pedestrian space made with recycled materials. Above, you can see the "before" picture. Click through… »2/15/08 10:00am2/15/08 10:00am

A List of All the Ways We Imagine Los Angeles Being Destroyed

Sure it's cool to destroy New York, but it's even cooler to destroy Los Angeles. That's why Omega Man, the 1970s version of I Am Legend, took place in Los Angeles. Viral decimation is only one of the many ways LA has been crushed, according to a 1998 book by Mike Davis, Ecology of Fear, in which the irascible social… »12/13/07 3:30pm12/13/07 3:30pm