Tear Down The Bookshelf Markers, Urge Le Guin and Martin

Call it a sign of the times: A Public Radio discussion about the future of science fiction turned into a conversation about the ways SF is struggling. On the one hand, it's lost ground to fantasy, which has become the more popular book genre by far. On the other, the best science fiction writers still don't get the… »11/24/08 3:30pm11/24/08 3:30pm

Ursula LeGuin and a Giant Squid Battle for the Future of Gay Utopia

A new queer zine mixes science fiction legend Ursula K. LeGuin and bondage-porn czar Michael Manning into a heady concoction. The Gay Utopia, an "online symposium," includes a poem by LeGuin and an article (with NSFW pics) on Manning's art. It also includes a hilarious Q&A with a giant squid, an insect-sex-zombie… »1/18/08 5:00pm1/18/08 5:00pm

Dream-Eaters and Three-Sexed Aliens in the Five Greatest World-Building Novels

What would weather be like if you lived in a planet-sized bag of oxygen? What would reproduction be like if there were a third sex who combined the genetic material of two other sexes by linking them at the neurological level and giving them braingasms? What would scientific progress be like in an anarchist-feminist… »11/13/07 12:00pm11/13/07 12:00pm