The 12 Most Abusive Women in Anime

Physical abuse is never funny… except in anime, apparently. There’s a widely used trope of women beating up men in Japanese cartoons that is always played for laughs, no matter how savage the assault may be. Now, these aren’t necessarily the most evil or the most violent women in anime — and some of them may even be… » 11/01/13 12:00pm 11/01/13 12:00pm

The best anime series you've probably never seen

Urusei Yatsura was the sci-fi Simpsons of ‘80s Japan. It was funny, clever, and creative to the point of insanity. It starred a sexy alien in a bikini. It was The Simpsons of Japan before The Simpsons had even aired in America. And by now, many people have forgotten it. Here's why it's time to rediscover the joys of … » 12/17/12 1:35pm 12/17/12 1:35pm