The U.S. Military Has Deployed A Laser Weapon To The Persian Gulf

As part of its annual training exercises in the Persian Gulf, the U.S. Navy has begun testing a prototype of its High Energy Laser (HEL) weapon. The futuristic device could be used to shoot down drones and small attack boats. » 11/25/14 11:43am 11/25/14 11:43am

The War On Dolphins Explained

Finally, humanity may have gained the upper hand in the ongoing battle for supremacy with our number one nemeses - the dolphins. The possible silver bullet for our aquatic mammal antagonists? Sonar. We explain all. » 4/11/09 10:00am 4/11/09 10:00am

Robots Must Study To Be Warriors, Claim US Navy

Have things really gotten so bad that I can't tell if a new US Navy report warning of the need for robots to have a "warrior code" is a Terminator-related ARG or not? Sadly, yes. » 2/18/09 6:30am 2/18/09 6:30am

U.S. Navy Developing Lasers and Huge Guns

The year is 2019. The destroyer U.S.S. Mason patrols enemy waters, and is suddenly faced with a barrage of incoming missiles. Almost instantly, dozens of brightly colored lasers beam out of the Mason, intercepting the missiles and destroying them harmlessly in the air. Then a massive deck-mounted gun turns and takes… » 8/20/08 8:00am 8/20/08 8:00am

An All-Electric Navy Warship

The Navy is developing an electrical warship that will draw all of its power from an on-board nuclear power plant, but it unfortunately looks nothing like Captain Nemo's Nautilus, which also ran on electric power. However, it does look a hell of a lot like the stealth ship from the James Bond flick Tomorrow Never Dies » 12/26/07 11:45am 12/26/07 11:45am