The Congressional Debate Over What Makes Food "Natural"

A controversial bill that seeks to block mandatory GMO food labeling by individual U.S. states was the subject of a hearing held yesterday by the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health. Amid the testimonies, one key question emerged time and again: Are genetically modified foods "natural"? » 12/11/14 9:00am 12/11/14 9:00am

The USDA Killed 4 Million Animals in 2013, But It's Not Clear Why

When there's a "human wildlife conflict," the US Department of Agriculture's "Wildlife Services" gets called in to take care of the problem. In 2013, that resulted in the death of more than 4 million animals. » 6/07/14 4:02pm 6/07/14 4:02pm

All the ways Americans refuse to eat their vegetables in one chart

It's no surprise that we are not eating enough vegetables. But in how many different ways are we not eating our vegetables? We are not eating green vegetables. We are not eating orange vegetables. We are really not eating legumes. » 1/15/14 7:10am 1/15/14 7:10am

SPAM: Now with three kinds of pig!

The ingredients label for a can of Hormel's SPAM with bacon — that non-perishable staple of survival kits the world over — lists "pork," "ham" and "bacon." Separately. In that order. » 5/11/12 3:40pm 5/11/12 3:40pm

Remote-Controlled Cows

Click to viewIf you have a pet dog or cat, chances are your furry pal has an embedded microchip that allows animal shelters to find out who the owner is in the event of an escape or pet-napping. Imagine if that same chip could tell a dog to go home or relay instructions directly from the owner, even if the dog was… » 6/11/08 8:00am 6/11/08 8:00am