The Real Problem With Logan's Run's Infamous "Sex Teleport" Scene

The weirdest moment in Logan's Run is probably that bit where we see Logan selecting a sex partner via a remote control, and the chosen partner teleports into his home. But the trouble with that scene isn't just the weird "dialing for casual sex" vibe — it's the terrible user interface, argues expert Chris Noessel. »9/19/13 10:00am9/19/13 10:00am

Design Lessons from Star Trek to Consider Before Creating Your Next User Interface

We all know that Star Trek gave us the iPad and countless other amazing devices — but the classic space adventure show also gave us some amazing breakthroughs in user interface design. Here's a rundown of the lessons that Star Trek teaches about interaction design, from the new book Make it So: Interaction Design… »9/21/12 3:45pm9/21/12 3:45pm