Mercuriceratops: flashy Cadillac of the late Cretaceous

One oddly-shaped dinosaur bone might not turn out to be a new species. It could simply be from a deformed individual of something already known, or a distortion caused by being buried under tons of shifting rock for millions of years. But two of the same oddly-shaped dinosaur bones? That's no coincidence . . .… » 6/19/14 2:00am 6/19/14 2:00am

For These Five Scientists, The Deserts Of Utah Are Like Mars on Earth

In the 1960s, Apollo astronauts trained for their moon missions in Iceland. Today, members of the Mars Society's Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) play Mars-colony in the striated deserts of Utah. » 4/11/14 11:30am 4/11/14 11:30am

This time-lapse makes me want to move to South Dakota

This is one of the most arresting compilations of landscape and astrovideography we've seen in ages. Titled "Huelux," created by photographer Randy Halverson, the video plays like a greatest-hits reel of natural phenomena in South Dakota, Wyoming and Utah. » 2/03/14 3:22pm 2/03/14 3:22pm

In 1913, a Utah newspaper reported that a giant mosquito robot would…

On March 9, 1913, the still-around Salt Lake Tribune published a one Dr. Gustav Luchy's simple plan to traverse the wastes of Antarctica and extract the continent's vast mineral riches. » 2/28/12 3:35pm 2/28/12 3:35pm

Absolutely stunning time-lapse footage of the American Southwest

Check out the latest installment in photographer Dustin Farrell's three-part Landscapes series, a collection of jaw-dropping time-lapse videos of the southwestern United States. » 10/12/11 2:30pm 10/12/11 2:30pm

Recently discovered species of raptor validates the fears of anyone who…

One of the most recognizable characteristics of raptor dinosaurs — the clever, pack-hunting carnivores immortalized in the Jurassic Park movie series — is the enormous, scythe-like talon located on the second digit of each of their feet. But the true function of this intimidating anatomical feature has puzzled… » 9/19/11 5:00pm 9/19/11 5:00pm

You can buy a real-world recreation of the house from Up for $400K

In Herriman, Utah, Adam Bangeter built a 2,800-square-foot, $399,000 recreation of the flying house from Up. Granted, this Pixar-sanctioned home isn't airworthy, but if you want to live in a Pixar character's abode, I suppose it's better than a toy chest or a garbage planet. » 8/13/11 1:45pm 8/13/11 1:45pm

UFO deposits a mysterious payload over Utah

Last week, a UFO buzzed over Utah and jettisoned an unknown cargo. Does this have to do with last week's not-world-ending bioweapon facility shutdown? Also, take a look at the Jerusalem UFO we posted yesterday from a different angle. » 1/31/11 12:30pm 1/31/11 12:30pm

Utah attorney general announces execution on Twitter

Today marked an evolution of sorts for Twitter. It's no longer just for following your favorite celebrity rants or for informing your followers you're having a ham sandwich or just took a shower. » 6/19/10 5:40pm 6/19/10 5:40pm

Boy Finds Boobs In Comic Book; Reporter Goes To $1 Store For Answers

In Utah, a 10-year-old boy found a nekkid lady in The Spectre 9, which came in a comic-book grab bag his mother bought him for Easter. Rather than ask for a $1 refund from Dollar Tree, mom called local news. » 4/20/10 11:01am 4/20/10 11:01am

MIT Students Go On Fake Mission to Mars in Utah

Zahra Khan and Phillip Cunio wanted to know what it's like to live on Mars. So the two MIT aeronautics students took their spacesuits and freeze-dried food and headed to the Mars Society Desert Research Station near Hanksville, Utah, and checked themselves into a facility designed to simulate life on the red planet.… » 3/03/08 9:30am 3/03/08 9:30am