Oregon Was Founded As a Racist Utopia

When Oregon was granted statehood in 1859, it was the only state in the Union admitted with a constitution that forbade black people from living, working, or owning property there. It was illegal for black people even to move to the state until 1926. Oregon's founding is part of the forgotten history of racism in the… » 1/21/15 11:24am 1/21/15 11:24am

Utopia Cancelled

Fox recently launched an ambitious (and expensive) experiment. Their new $50 million reality show Utopia set out to discover what happens when you put a diverse group of Americans on a ranch in the middle of nowhere to set up a perfect society. The answer? Apparently nothing terribly interesting happens. Because the… » 11/03/14 6:57pm 11/03/14 6:57pm

Looking back at Utopia Season 2 - The Greatest Show you've never Seen

There's a very good chance that you've not seen Utopia, the now-cancelled British conspiracy thriller that's spent the past year and a half blowing our minds with its messed up dystopic take on the modern world. You should change that very, very soon. » 10/10/14 3:10pm 10/10/14 3:10pm

Channel 4 has cancelled Utopia

Oh no. Channel 4's dark conspiracy thriller Utopia was one of the most exciting new series coming out of the UK lately - but it won't be coming back. The broadcaster has confirmed that the show is not being picked up for a third series. » 10/10/14 3:00am 10/10/14 3:00am

David Fincher Will Direct Season 1 of HBO's Supernatural Thriller Utopia

In what is a pretty big commitment — destined to take up most of 2015 — David Fincher's planning to direct every episode of HBO's adaptation of the British series Utopia. » 9/30/14 4:30am 9/30/14 4:30am

Utopia is back! If you're as obsessed as we are with the colorful British conspiracy show Utopia, then check out the first trailer for season 2, coming in July. It's full of hilarious lines and insane moments. [Thanks Adam!] » 6/24/14 4:24pm 6/24/14 4:24pm

Tons of Rumors About Game of Thrones And Batman v. Superman!

Lucasfilm may have met with yet another potential Star Wars director. Does Batman's next Batsuit have a much brighter color scheme? Find out when we'll see James McAvoy play Victor Frankenstein. Colin Trevorrow gives a new glimpse of a Jurassic World dinosaur. And what's in Malcolm Merlyn's vial on Arrow? Spoilers now! » 6/19/14 6:00am 6/19/14 6:00am

Who Are All These New People In This Avengers 2 Set Video?

Is there another surprising arch-villain in Batman v. Superman? Steven Spielberg's movie of Roald Dahl's The BFG gets a release date. Michael Bay explains why he returned to the Transformers world for a fourth movie. Plus just how good is the Gotham pilot?. Spoilers now! » 6/17/14 6:00am 6/17/14 6:00am

Why B.F. Skinner May Have Been The Most Dangerous Psychologist Ever

B.F. Skinner gave us concepts like "conditioned behavior," "positive reinforcement," and even "time-outs" for children. But he was also a radical among psychologists who cast aside notions of dignity and free will. Here's why Skinner continues to be relevant — and even a bit dangerous. » 3/21/14 11:00am 3/21/14 11:00am

7 Utopias that Changed the Future

Though "Utopia" means "nowhere," many real-life societies have been strongly influenced by various concepts of a perfect realm where humans live in harmony with each other. Here are some of the most influential Utopian visions — and how they changed our distinctly non-Utopian world. » 3/11/14 12:07pm 3/11/14 12:07pm

Will Avengers 2 pave the way for Black Panther and Black Widow movies?

A Game of Thrones star says the show could become a movie. David Fincher is remaking the British series Utopia in the U.S. Find out why Cap's costume is changing in Captain America 2. A new promo may have answered a major Walking Dead question. And a familiar face is coming to Person of Interest. Spoilers now! » 2/14/14 6:00am 2/14/14 6:00am

10 Failed Utopian Cities That Influenced the Future

Some of the most famous cities in history were never built. These 10 Utopian cities may have been failures, but they expressed our ideas about what the future of human civilization could look like. And many ideas contained in them continue to influence us today. » 1/29/14 1:10pm 1/29/14 1:10pm

Will Utopia be your new obsession? Signs point to yes.

It's like a mix of Donnie Darko and William Gibson's novel Pattern Recognition. No, it's like a mix of a Dennis Potter series and a Ben Templesmith comic. Maybe it's like Fringe, only a lot more sick and violent. Actually, the new British TV series Utopia, which started last week, is all of these things. It's a… » 1/21/13 5:17pm 1/21/13 5:17pm

How My Little Pony's Equestria resembles Plato's utopian Republic

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic draws on everything from the musicals of Stephen Sondheim to Lord of the Rings. But is their a classic philosophical touch to the social structure of pony-filled land of Equestria? An essay on the aptly titled site Overthinking It examines the parallels between Equestria and… » 12/22/12 10:30am 12/22/12 10:30am

Things From Thomas More's Utopia That Have Come True Today

You probably think we'll never actually live in Utopia — because Utopia is a perfect society that can never be achieved in real life. But think again. Thomas More's Utopia, the book that gave us the word for a perfect society in the first place, contains a large number of somewhat wacky descriptions of how the… » 12/11/12 1:14pm 12/11/12 1:14pm

Every Utopia That's Fit To Print

The whole point of Utopia — at least according to sixteenth century writer Thomas More, who invented the term — is that all property is shared. In that spirit, NYU media studies professor Stephen Duncombe has created the first completely open, digital copy of the book. Not only can you read and download the book in… » 12/10/12 2:54pm 12/10/12 2:54pm

The people who built Utopia two centuries ago

Communes once dotted the United States. Their occupants believed that if we just gave up sexual prudery and practice free love, the world would be better. Others abhorred the use of animals as servants and tried to live without animal products or labor. Others fell in love with the concept of socialism. Yes, it was a… » 7/01/11 3:12pm 7/01/11 3:12pm

"Utopia" Comes to Sundance [NSFW]

This week an intriguing new film, Utopia in Four Movements, screened at Sundance. It explores the way people in the past imagined the future. We can't wait for it to bust out of the festival circuit. » 1/29/10 10:44am 1/29/10 10:44am

Armageddon Slightly Delayed, Say Keepers of the Doomsday Clock

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, who maintain the infamous "Doomsday Clock," have moved the clock's hand back by one minute. Now we are six minutes to world destruction, rather than five. » 1/14/10 1:40pm 1/14/10 1:40pm

15 Reasons To Live For The Next 10 Years

The 2000s left us feeling battered, but the 2010s are looking awesome. Thanks to recent scientific research and an explosion of cultural interest in science fiction, there are at least 15 brilliant reasons to stick around for another decade. » 12/30/09 6:35pm 12/30/09 6:35pm