A whole lot of killing and WTF on V season finale

In the V season finale, we finally reached the place where the show should have begun: With open hostilities mounting between the V and humans. But this triumph was undercut by cheesy, incoherent mumbling. Why is this show so bad? » 5/19/10 5:01pm 5/19/10 5:01pm

The Closest Thing To A Human Version Of The Dramatic Chipmunk

I never thought I'd see humans having more head-turning drama than the dramatic chipmunk, but on this week's episode of V, it happened. You never saw so much chipmunk packed into one tiny scene of "OMG revelation." » 4/16/10 3:07pm 4/16/10 3:07pm

I Can't Tell If I'm Taking Drugs Or Watching "V"

OK, look. I love the idea of the show V. I love the actors, many of the writers, and both the current and ex-showrunners. But last night's episode, "Pound of Flesh," sucked us into the plotholes of doom. » 4/07/10 5:44pm 4/07/10 5:44pm

Scary Fish-Eating And Alien Sex On "V"

Honestly, I can't imagine why the ratings slid downward in returning alien invasion series V. After all, we got to see head V Anna doing her erotic eating routine with sashimi - and then, with a lizard man! Spoilers! » 3/31/10 10:40pm 3/31/10 10:40pm

Do Some Naked Yoga And Let The Lizard Queen Soothe Your Worries

Let all your worries slip away, as Morena Baccarin's Anna gives a naked inspirational speech about living fluidly, in a fairly dead-on parody of motivational tapes. What do you think: Should the makers of last night's V be without regret? » 11/25/09 10:00am 11/25/09 10:00am

You're Nothing But A Junkie For Morena Baccarin's Bliss, Man!

On last night's V, we found out how Anna (Morena Baccarin) keeps her alien army in line — she gives them "The Bliss." Which is probably just as dirty as it sounds. All in all, a corking installment. Spoilers below. » 11/18/09 2:54pm 11/18/09 2:54pm

Is V Anti-Obama Propaganda?

V exceeded many people's expectations last night, getting 13.9 million viewers and coming first among adults aged 18-49. But is the show just one big anti-Obama screed, as some have claimed? We'll answer that question... with spoilers. » 11/04/09 11:21am 11/04/09 11:21am