The Original Jurassic Park

Before the movie or even the book, the United States dedicated a park specifically to Jurassic dinosaurs. Dinosaur National Monument straddles the border between Colorado and Utah, a national park stuffed to the canyons with fossils from dinosaurs that roamed long ago. » 5/10/14 2:00pm 5/10/14 2:00pm

This Chilean observatory hotel is designed specifically for stargazing

Nestled in Chile's Elqui Valley, Elqui Domos is perfectly situated for a spectacular view of the night sky. To cater to astronomers looking to revel in the region's starry vistas, the hotel hosts its very own observatory, as well as rooms with windows pointed skyward. » 2/23/13 9:30am 2/23/13 9:30am

Guests Will Play Spider-Man in Galactic's Space Hotel

The Galactic Suite Space Resort is scheduled to open its doors in 2012, and is already taking reservations. And there's more to your space vacation than watching the world go by; there's also wall-climbing fun and tropical island time. » 11/03/09 2:12pm 11/03/09 2:12pm

Choose Concrete Mushrooms For Your Next Post-Apocalyptic Vacation

A relic of WWII paranoia, Albania's "concrete mushroom" bunkers dot the country's landscape, from the oceans, to the mountains, to the cemeteries. Now, a group wants to reclaim the bunkers and transform them into eco-friendly hotels. » 10/21/09 7:30am 10/21/09 7:30am

Live Out Your Airship Fantasies in Zeppelin-Shaped Hotel

It may not fly, but this zeppelin-shaped retreat built among the trees lets you imagine that you live in an airship floating high above the ground. And, if you happen to pass through Victoria, Australia, it's available to rent. » 9/02/09 12:30pm 9/02/09 12:30pm

Wish You Were Here - On The Moon

io9 is taking the day off to explode things in the name of national liberty. Also, to kick back on this moon beach, captured here in the dappled earthlight by NASA's newly-launched Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. » 7/03/09 11:22am 7/03/09 11:22am