All of these outbreaks could have been prevented with vaccines

Vaccines are something most of us take for granted, but as these maps compiled by the Council on Foreign Relations show, we're still a long way from ensuring everyone's safe from some of the world's most dreaded — and preventable — diseases. » 1/21/14 7:20am 1/21/14 7:20am

The time anti-vaxxers argued that vaccines would turn kids into cows

Those who have had to argue with anti-vaxxers will know that the argument shifts. If it's not mercury in the vaccines that's causing problems, it's dead fetus parts, and if it's not dead fetus parts, it's unspecified "toxins." But did you know the free-form argument has been going on longer than you imagined? . » 11/19/13 9:20am 11/19/13 9:20am