These 1966 Batman valentines are romantically insane

Batman's never been particularly lucky in love, so normally he doesn't even mess with it. But when he does, like in these amazing 1966 valentines that Mark Anderson dug up, it reveals that the world of Bat-romance is a very strange place. Suffice it to say, Batman screaming "VA-ROOOM!" is the least creepy of the lot. » 2/11/14 8:20am 2/11/14 8:20am

Game of Thrones Valentines: So Full of Win, You'll Die

Celebrate Valentine's Day, Westeros-style — with these incredible Game of Thrones V-day cards by illustrator Chris Bishop. When he's not doing children's illustrations or working for PBS Kids, Bishop is apparently trying to think of ways to celebrate incest, murder and horrific mutilations in greeting card form. » 2/13/12 12:51pm 2/13/12 12:51pm