This Week's TV: The Superhero Police Procedural We've Been Waiting For

It's finally here: Powers, the cops-for-superheroes TV show based on the comic book debuts this week, and we'll see if it lives up to the source material. (Eddie Izzard as a villain is a good start.) Plus, we've got tons of new Steven Universe this week and check out what Tara and Eugene are up to on next week's … »3/09/15 12:00pm3/09/15 12:00pm


Andrew Garfield drops key hints for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Plus Doctor Who, Fringe, and The Walking Dead photos!

American Horror Story is officially back for a third season of Jessica Lange-led craziness — but before that Zachary Quinto and Sarah Paulson prepare you for next week's insanity. Plus The Wolverine's latest synopsis hints at Hugh Jackman's darkest journey yet! »11/16/12 9:00am11/16/12 9:00am