More Ghanaian movie posters that will melt your brain into porridge

We've previously expressed our love for the hand-painted mobile cinema posters of Ghana, many of which took extreme creative liberties with films' plots. For example, who knew that Cujo was an evil Cocker Spaniel? »8/14/11 11:30am8/14/11 11:30am

I don't remember that scene in where the heroes abandoned drowning children to the monster'sā€¦

Watch Predator Pups in action! Plus Starfleet Captains join Warehouse 13 and No Ordinary Family!

Watch a Predators TV spot and an Inception featurette! Glimpse Thor's Sif and Doctor Who's Pandorica! Which Starfleet captains will join Warehouse 13 and No Ordinary Family? Plus Cowboys And Aliens, Transformers, Undercovers, Eureka, True Blood, Buffy, Alien and Supernatural! »6/15/10 9:00am6/15/10 9:00am