Watch the composer from Blade Runner and Carl Sagan's Cosmos have a synthesizer freakout

The measured electronic music of Vangelis evokes C-beams glittering in the dark near Tannhäuser Gate, but the famed composer was just as enjoyable when he was improvising. Here are approximately seven minutes of the musician wigging out on Spanish television in 1982. I wish Sagan was there to wax galactic over this… »8/16/12 2:20pm8/16/12 2:20pm


Top 10 Albums Every Self-Respecting Science Fiction Fan Should Own

Science fiction changed music. And music saved science fiction. Most of our favorite flights of fancy and epic adventures are bound up in our minds with amazing musical scores, or epic theme songs. But some of the greatest pieces of music ever created were also inspired by science fiction and fantasy. »4/30/12 1:00pm4/30/12 1:00pm

Lost episode of Carl Sagan's Cosmos takes us to the Meat Planet

Fans of Carl Sagan's cherished 1980 astronomy miniseries Cosmos rejoice! A lost fourteenth episode — about the awe-inspiring Meat Planet — has been found after decades of neglect. In this rediscovered footage, such geological features as the gristly mantle and Mount Sustenance are given their documentary due.… »12/01/11 5:55pm12/01/11 5:55pm