The Hilarious Ad Terry Gilliam Took Out In Variety To Protest The Re-editing Of Brazil

In 1985, Universal Studios bigwig Sid Sheinberg decided that director Terry Gilliam's cut of Brazil wasn't going to be marketable in America. Sheinberg and a group of editors therefore attempted to make the film more commercially palatable — the fruits of their labor was the cheerier, 94-minute "Love Conquers All" cut… » 11/24/11 2:25pm 11/24/11 2:25pm

Shocking News: Sci Fi Channel Movie Doesn't Suck

This Saturday's Sci Fi Channel original TV movie, Rock Monster, is actually pretty decent, a reviewer from Variety says. And nobody's more surprised than the Variety scribe. In Rock Monster, a backpacker pulls a sword out of a stone (just like King Arthur) and the stone comes to life and starts killing lots of people… » 3/20/08 12:00pm 3/20/08 12:00pm