The Hilarious Ad Terry Gilliam Took Out In Variety To Protest The…

In 1985, Universal Studios bigwig Sid Sheinberg decided that director Terry Gilliam's cut of Brazil wasn't going to be marketable in America. Sheinberg and a group of editors therefore attempted to make the film more commercially palatable — the fruits of their labor was the cheerier, 94-minute "Love Conquers All" cut… » 11/24/11 2:25pm 11/24/11 2:25pm

Shocking News: Sci Fi Channel Movie Doesn't Suck

This Saturday's Sci Fi Channel original TV movie, Rock Monster, is actually pretty decent, a reviewer from Variety says. And nobody's more surprised than the Variety scribe. In Rock Monster, a backpacker pulls a sword out of a stone (just like King Arthur) and the stone comes to life and starts killing lots of people… » 3/20/08 12:00pm 3/20/08 12:00pm