We ask the creators of The Venture Bros. if they'd rather be locked in a room full of cobras or wasps

At Comic-Con, your io9 correspondent received an exclusive, unparalleled look into the psyches of Venture Bros. co-conspirators Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick. Do they prefer fangs or stingers? The venom's coming no matter what. Clearly, this is the most important interview we've ever published. »7/24/11 3:00pm7/24/11 3:00pm

The Saturday Comic-Con schedule is up — Green Lantern, Thor, Venture Bros, and more!

Comic Con's Saturday schedule is up, and it is absolutely gobsmacking. There are dozens of panels, including a discussion with Scott Pilgrim's Bryan Lee O'Malley, a first look at Green Lantern, and Kevin Feige talking Thor and Captain America.

Here's but a small sample of the schedule. You can read the entire… »7/10/10 4:05pm7/10/10 4:05pm