Great Opening Sentences From Science Fiction Novels

You can tell a lot about a science fiction book from its first sentence. A truly great first sentence establishes a tone, sticks in your mind, and serves as a little otherworldly koan, confounding your expectations. And maybe freaking your shit a little. Here are our favorite science fiction opening sentences of all… »11/11/14 3:24pm11/11/14 3:24pm


Great science fiction authors tell us which novels they wish they'd written themselves

We look to the great SF authors and get inspiration from their work — along with a healthy dose of envy, sometimes. It's impossible to read the works of authors like Vernor Vinge and Maureen McHugh without wishing we could have pulled something like that off. But which works do the great SF authors wish they'd written? »1/18/13 11:00am1/18/13 11:00am

Vernor Vinge and Temple Grandin to speak at Singularity Summit 2012

The final list of speakers has been announced for Singularity Summit 2012, an annual futurist confab that brings together some of the world's leading thinkers on such topics as robotics, regenerative medicine, artificial intelligence, brain-computer interfacing, and of course, the Technological Singularity. And this… »10/04/12 1:30pm10/04/12 1:30pm

The Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Books for Libertarians

Science fiction features lots of characters who find their own way in the universe, regardless of what megacorps or governments try to tell them. So it's not surprising that one of the best ways to find some of the most exciting new reads is to pay attention to the Prometheus Awards for the best libertarian SF books.… »4/04/12 8:00pm4/04/12 8:00pm

Google rolling out the AR glasses from Vernor Vinge's novel Rainbows End

In Vernor Vinge's novel Rainbows End, the author imagines a near future where everybody wears computers knitted into their clothing, which are connected to augmented reality contact lenses or glasses. Everybody looks at the world through a layer of data, whether that's just social information about the people they're… »2/21/12 7:27pm2/21/12 7:27pm

Vernor Vinge says that when the Singularity happens, it will be "very obvious"

Last summer I had the pleasure of meeting one of my literary heroes, the author and futurist Vernor Vinge. He'd just published Children of the Sky, his long-awaited sequel to A Fire Upon the Deep, and we had a chance to talk about that book as well as some of the other novels in his Zones of Thought series. »12/06/11 7:30pm12/06/11 7:30pm

Read an excerpt from the first chapter of Vernor Vinge's The Children of the Sky

If you've read Vernor Vinge's incredible space opera Fire Upon The Deep, then we've got some awesome news for you. His new novel, Children of the Sky, picks up just a couple of years after the end of Fire Upon The Deep, and is set entirely on the Tines' World, where a few crash-landed children live among dogs who… »6/22/11 12:30pm6/22/11 12:30pm