Today's Dose of "Awww": Gorilla Gives Birth in Rare C-Section

Earlier this week, an 18-year-old gorilla named Imami gave birth to a baby girl at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. She was closely monitored throughout the labor process by the zoo's veterinary staff, and when she showed no signs of progress, she was transported to the Safari Park hospital for an emergency c-section.… »3/15/14 6:45pm3/15/14 6:45pm

The medicine you give your pet may be worse than useless

When pets get sick, we're often willing to spend a lot of money to help them get well — we'll pay for expensive tests, medicine, and even surgery if it helps our furry pals play with us again. But one investigator found that there's not much evidence for the effectiveness of commonly-prescribed medications for animals. »1/30/14 1:53pm1/30/14 1:53pm