No, corsets did not destroy the health of Victorian women

In the annals of Victorian medical history, few foes receive as much bile as the corset, which physicians claimed contributed to miscarriages, cancer, and slow, crushing deaths. But while there are some health problems that can be linked to corsets, they aren't nearly the instruments of medical terror that they're… » 3/17/14 11:19am 3/17/14 11:19am

Corsets meet Star Trek in these Victorian Starfleet uniform dresses

For those times when you're flung unexpectedly back in time—or if you just don't want to change clothes between work and your favorite holonovel—cosplayer Genovefa has dreamed up these Starfleet-themed dresses with long skirts and a bit of Victorian-inspired corsetry. » 12/08/13 7:30am 12/08/13 7:30am

The Strangest Tradition of the Victorian Era: Post-Mortem Photography

After the invention of daguerrotype, the memorializing habits of people have changed: they've chosen the cheap, higher quality photographs instead of expensive and not so lifelike paintings. Painting dead people was common for centuries, so it's no surprise that, in the Victorian Era, post-mortem photos also came into… » 4/13/13 11:00am 4/13/13 11:00am

Harry Houdini's incredible book about home science experiments — free…

As any steampunk will gleefully tell you, the Victorian era was a period of incredible discovery, where scientific breakthroughs occurred at an astonishing rate. Which was the perfect environment for a book like Scientific Amusements to be published - a hodgepodge of science, illusion, party tricks, naturalism, and… » 11/29/12 7:20am 11/29/12 7:20am

Steampunk Spy-Fi: Real-life gadgets perfect for a Victorian Era James…

What if the majesty of On Her Majesty's Secret Service was Queen Victoria? We might not have had the same type of Cold War gadgetry that made Ian Fleming's novels and the James Bond films, but the 19th century had its own brand of wonderful toys. Here are a handful of gadgets and tools the steampunk spy might want to… » 11/10/12 11:00am 11/10/12 11:00am

These adorable steampunk illustrations make us want a pet octopus of…

As it turns out, the entirely imaginary Victorian Land Octopus makes an excellent pet. He's fiercely loyal, knows how to lace up a corset, is a master behind the sewing machine, and plays a mean game of hide and go seek. (The camouflage helps with that one.) Brian Kesinger's Otto and Victoria illustrations bring us… » 10/28/12 9:30am 10/28/12 9:30am

Portraits of proper Victorians with their pet troll heads and yetis

Upper class Victorians had a great affection for pets, from fashionable lap dogs to canaries, and even the occasional monkey. But Travis Louie envisions some far more fanciful companions for his proper gents and ladies, who keep squids and giant spiders as beloved family pets. » 4/22/12 4:30pm 4/22/12 4:30pm

Victorian robot porn “Chester 5000 XYV” is a naughty tale of true…

Jess Fink's webcomic Chester 5000 XYV is a pornographic sexbot tale with a twist: a Victorian gentleman builds a robot to satisfy his sexually voracious wife, but wife and well-endowed automaton fall deeply (and, of course, passionately) in love. » 3/19/11 11:00am 3/19/11 11:00am

The Victorian-Era Supercomputer And The Genius Who Created It

The London Science Museum finally completed work on the Victorian era's greatest supercomputer, the Difference Engine No. 2, 120 years after the death of inventor Charles Babbage. This five-ton machine is currently traveling across the pond to San Francisco, and will go on display in America for the first time starting … » 4/18/08 3:30pm 4/18/08 3:30pm