When carousel rides were for adults trying to get a little risqué

Carousels rides were all the rage in the Victorian era, for adults even more than children. On Sundays, when most workers had the day off, the often beautifully-designed animals of the carousel would be draped with young ladies showing a bit of ankle to their dates. But now most of this history is forgotten. »8/31/13 10:30am8/31/13 10:30am

The First Cyborg Horror Story: “The Steam Arm” Ballad of 1834-35

In 18th and 19th century England, the ballad — sung in the street, in pleasure gardens, in taverns, or in private house parties — functioned as pure entertainment for the masses. But it was also a vehicle for news and for an expression of popular sentiment. Widespread discontent, whether with new technologies or… »7/05/11 5:30pm7/05/11 5:30pm