The Worst Scene Of Uwe Boll's Worst Film, Plus A Bonus Alien Parasite…

Christian Slater really must be his own worst enemy. Why else would he have agreed to star in Alone In The Dark, Uwe Boll's worst film? Just check out this great mad-scientist/Tara Reid confrontation . Below: alien parasite throat invasion! » 6/17/09 12:17am 6/17/09 12:17am

Street Fighter The Legend Of Chun-Li Poster Is "Nice"

Sheesh, the new Street Fighter: The Legend Of Chun-Li doesn't want to use the movie's greatest asset, Kristen Kreuk. The new heads-in-bodies poster leaves much to be desired. Come on, where's the leg? » 1/05/09 2:50pm 1/05/09 2:50pm

Video Game-Turned-Movie Channels 9/11 Fears

Movie deals aren't just for comic books that nobody's read any more — now they're for video games that nobody's played as well. Fox has optioned a science fiction game still in development, Zero-G, about a new "never before seen" superweapon that destroys a major U.S. city. It sounds like it's coming a bit late to the… » 4/29/08 12:06pm 4/29/08 12:06pm