True Facts About the Octopus, Nature's Most Intelligent Ink-Farter

In this, the latest installment in his outstanding "True Facts about _________" nature series, Ze Frank takes a hilariously perceptive look at one of our favorite animal subjects: the octopus. » 4/02/14 12:22pm 4/02/14 12:22pm

A Fantastic Collection of Science Demonstration Videos

In need of a good science demonstration for your classroom, study session or friday night bar-argument? Check out, where you'll find a top notch collection of videos and other resources created by science teachers Alom Shaha and Jonathan Sanderson. » 1/19/14 9:52am 1/19/14 9:52am

A Strong Candidate for Greatest Science Fiction Dance Sequence Ever

Science fiction is full of great dance sequences and supervillain musical numbers. But this scene from The History of Future Folk is still a strong contender to be the best of the bunch. There's a cop-and-criminal tango, interspersed with a balletic alien kickpunching fight. Awesome. » 5/31/13 11:40am 5/31/13 11:40am

Still confused by Cloud Atlas? Infographic & featurettes break it down

There's an awful lot going on in Cloud Atlas, the time-spanning, super-ambitious movie that's out on DVD and Blu-ray today. Six time periods, tons of characters, the same actors playing different characters, all cutting back and forth. So here's a super handy chart and some featurettes from the DVD, to explain it to… » 5/14/13 11:03am 5/14/13 11:03am

An exclusive Doctor Who clip shows Clara tasting forbidden fruit!

Check out this clip from Saturday's Doctor Who episode, "The Rings of Akhaten," which BBC America has exclusively shared with io9. You can see some of the dozens of lovely alien costumes in this episode, moving around in the background. Plus Clara doesn't wait for the Doctor to say the fruit is non-toxic before taking a … » 4/04/13 1:09pm 4/04/13 1:09pm

Watch Chris Hadfield and Ed Robertson of Barenaked Ladies perform a…

International Space Station commander Chris Hadfield is certainly making the most of his time up there space. This past Friday he teamed up with Ed Robertson of Barenaked Ladies fame to perform their original track, "I.S.S. (Is Somebody Singing)." For the live performance, they were joined by the Wexford Gleeks from the … » 2/11/13 6:20am 2/11/13 6:20am

An exclusive first look at Saturday's new My Little Pony, featuring the …

You might think you've experienced some follicular challenges, or some events where you needed a fancy 'do and weren't sure if you could make it work. But your hair challenges are nothing — nothing, I say — compared to those faced by Princess Cadance in this new exclusive clip from Saturday's episode of My Little… » 2/06/13 7:00am 2/06/13 7:00am

A Stunning Video That Reminds Us All to Dream of the Stars

Making its debut at the TEDxISU (International Space University) event on July 6, the video above is an inspirational call-to-arms for anyone who's ever looked to the stars and dreamed of a day when the sky was, in fact, not the limit. From Sputnik to Space Station, from Vostok to Virgin Galactic, the video reminds us … » 7/15/12 7:30am 7/15/12 7:30am

9 new Sherlock Holmes clips are packed with copious sexy steampunk…

Prepare for another round of sciencey crime-solving with nine new clips from Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. Looks like director Guy Ritchie has upped the action and sexual tension between Holmes and Watson. These clips include your first glimpse of Jared Harris as the nefarious Professor Moriarty. » 12/05/11 1:51pm 12/05/11 1:51pm